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ZODIAC easy - 2

ULTIMATE VALUE FOR MONEY Made from 1100 decitex fabric, the Zoom SP range offers excellent value for money. Its large diameter buoyancy tubes give the Zoom an impressive load capacity. The truncated-cone tube ends provide great buoyancy, particularly when using four stroke outboards. The banana-shaped buoyancy tube offers an aesthetically pleasing design. The aluminium floor provides strength and permits quick and easy fitting and maintenance. • Excellent value • Aluminium floor • Banana-shape buoyancy tube • Thwart included as standard • High load capacity • Truncated cones • Carrying bag...

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ZODIAC easy - 3

THE ORIGINAL ZODIAC® BOAT Building on 70 years of heritage, the Classic incorporates the historic qualities that Zodiac® boats are known for: safety, stability, and strength. The Classic features generous seating and because of Zodiac’s inflatable hull design, maneuvering, stability, and time to plane are legendary. In the boot or on the roof of your car, you can take the Classic anywhere. It can be set up or stored in just a few simple steps. The Classic’s features and quality will appeal to fishermen and pleasure boaters alike. Easily collapsible and compact, this boat can be transported...

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ZODIAC easy - 4

THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE INFLATABLE Zodiac ® Nautic’s technology department designed the patented FUTURA hull. The hull is formed from a large-diameter keel plus two perfectly proportioned buoyancy tubes placed under the base of the boat. When underway, the hull rests solely on the cushioning tubes - reducing drag and increasing lift – providing outstanding handling and an extreme ride. The Futura is also available with a helm station and two adjustable bench seats. • Exclusive Zodiac® Nautic patented hull • 2 floor options • Easy and quick set up/breakdown • Simple to store and carry •...

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ZODIAC easy - 5

WHICH FLOOR? CLASSIC - FUTURA SOLID > PLYWOOD FLOOR strong + easy to maintain An aluminium floor: outstanding strength! Solid floors – peace of mind guaranteed! The H2P floor is ingenuity at its best! Because of its durability and strength, aluminium floors are the primary floor choice for divers and high performance boat applications. It’s durable plywood floor system makes it deal for day trips and fishing. H2P floors are engineered with thousands of intertwined polyester threads. When inflated, these floors have proven to be as resistant as a solid floor! Optimum functionality; the floor...

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ZODIAC easy - 6

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ZOOM SP Overall length Inside length Overall width Inside width Buoyancy tube diameter Airtight compartments DIMENSIONS (metres - feet/inches) CAPACITY Passengers (ISO) Maximum payload (kg - lbs) 1 DESIGN CATEGORY Indicated measurements may vary by +/- 3%, or +/- 5% for weight and speed measurements. Shaft: G Short I Long (2) Recommended power is based on optimal use of the boat’s abilities under average load. Depending on use, choose either maximum (waterskiing) or minimum power (fishing, cruising). (3) The manufacturer’s plaque specifies maximum permitted power....

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ZODIAC easy - 7

Everything has been designed to make all the different steps in stowage and preparation easier, while still ensuring excellent value for money. Light, lively and versatile, these are real seafaring boats. If cruising the bays is your thing, the new Zoom SP & Classic series match your brief to perfection. If you’re more into sport and adventure, the Futura series is made with you in mind. Zodiac® is a registered trade mark - Copyright© Zodiac® Boileau J3V - Photos: © Bernard Biancotto - © Studio Lezard Graphique. Thanks to: Yamaha, Suzuki, Treesco, Natureland, Aigle, Servaux. The Easy...

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