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Which tender for your boat? Choose the right tender In order to choose the right tender, it is necessary to ask yourself some important questions. This small guide should help you. Choosing the perfect tender for your boat and the kind of sailing you expect to be undertaking, is an essential part of your preparation. There are many points to consider: length and capacity of course, but also the size of the storage bag, overall weight, floor type, etc. With 21 models to choose, the worldwide market leader is sure to have the perfect solution to suit your programme. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO STORE YOUR TENDER ON BOARD? Folded or in a locker? On the deck or on the rear platform? Under davits? WHICH TYPE OF FLOOR ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? RIB with a foldable transom? High pressure inflatable? WOULD YOU LIKE A VERY LIGHT WEIGHT TENDER? WHICH KIND OF FABRIC ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? Strongan™ • Regular use • Welded tube seams by thermobonding Hypalon™-Neoprene™ • Intensive use • Permanent exposure to UV rays in tropical zone 2 | CHOOSE THE RIGHT TENDER An exceptional quality/price ratio At the origin, the best materials were selected with internal welded tube seams by thermobonding for an optimal durability. The equipment is plethoric and of quality without considering most the Zodiac® patented touch, such as the system of rowlock or the internal command of the self bailor. The whole set has an incomparable style, nothing surprising, it is a Zodiac® tender. Cadet 270 Roll Up Slatted floor Cadet 200 Aero Inflatable floor inflatable or floors: slatted, rent types of • Diffe aluminium nes andard • Truncated co included as st carrying bag wart/seat and Th Cadet 310 Aero Inflatable floor TYPES OF FLOORS ROLL UP Cadet 200 Cadet 230 Cadet 270 Aluminium floor Cadet fastroller Light weight, high performance Equipped with the patented “Acti-V all inflatable floor” Zodiac® concept, the Cadet Fastroller, easy to install, offers greater comfort in navigation and provides exceptional performance. Cadet Fastroller 285 Acti-V Inflatable Acti-V hull : + stability buoyancy tube rge diameter ™ • La bric: Strongan • Choice of fa hull • Inflatable V- Cadet Fastroller 285 Acti-V Cadet Fastroller 325 Acti-V Cadet Fastroller 360 Acti-V Cadet compact Thanks to its exclusive folding down transom, the Cadet Compact, once deflated, takes up very little space and is easy to store. Cadet Compact ™ bric: Strongan • Choice of fa e™ ™ eopren or Hypalon -N r hull: low TEC polyeste • RIM maintenance lon™white on Hypa • Available in ™ bric versions Neoprene fa 5 | RIB WITH FOLDING DOWN TRANSOM Generous by their interior dimensions, quality of the components used and built to last, the Cadet Rib will provide your boat with elegance. y tube: + stabilit ™ ™ eter buoyancy™ eoprene • Large diam or Hypalon -N ic: Strongan br • Choice of fa mfort of use ating: great co ™ bric versions ™ -Neoprene fa • Generous se palon in white on Hy • Available Cadet Rib 340 NEO TYPE OF FABRICS AND COLOURS AVAILABLE Cadet Rib 260 Cadet Rib Cadet Rib Cadet Rib Cadet Rib 260 NEO/PVC 290 NEO/PVC 310 NEO/PVC 340 NEO/PVC 2,6 m / 8’6” Accessories In order for you to customize your boat, we have designed Access, a complete range of accessories specially adapted to Zodiac® tenders. Feel free to ask your dealer for advice. Z1052 Bathing ladder (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller / Compact) Z1180 Inflatable thwart grey 0,70 m (Cadet Roll Up / Solid except Cadet 340 Solid / Aero / Fastroller 285 Acti-V) Z1181 Inflatable thwart grey 0,78 m (Cadet 340 Solid / Fastroller 325 et 360 Acti-V) Z1186 Fishing rod holder (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller / Compact) Z1423 High volume electric inflator 12V 240mb (except Cadet Aero / Fastroller) Z60801 High volume electric inflator 12V 800 mb (Cadet Aero / Fastroller) Z1236 Lifting sling kit (Cadet Fastroller) Z61161 Launching wheels (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller / Compact) Z1084 Launching roller large (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller / Compact) Z1253 Bow bag (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller) Z1269 Underseat Bench bag (Cadet Roll Up / Solid / Aero / Fastroller / Compact) Zodiac® is a registered trade mark - Copyright© Zodiac® Boileau J3V - Photography: © Bernard Biancotto - © Studio Lezard Graphique. Special thanks to: Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Treesco, Natureland, Aigle, Servaux.

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Light - Compact - Cost-efficient Compact and lightweight, the Coaster ISO 9650 belong to the Type 2 category, ie they are suitable for coastal sailing, in moderate sea conditions. Equipment packed in a container or valise Persons capacity Compact - Complete and upgradeable equipment - Easy boarding Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts belong to the Type 1 category, ie they are designed for sailing on the open sea, and are thus adapted to the risks incurred on long voyages (high winds and heavy seas). Equipment for over 24 hours packed in optional grab bag (in option) Under-24 hours equipment packed in a...

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