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SRAsea rib0Aluminium STREnCTH AHD mODuLAR Zodiac Milpro’s SEA RIB® ALUMINIUM are built for demanding professional and military users and designed to be strong and reliable. SRA-750 feature D-Shape collar technology, increasing the useable deck area, or it can be fitted with a standard round collar. The collar is readily removable to provide easy maintenance. The SRA-750 aluminium deck integrates deck tracks, allowing rapid re-configuration to suit the mission. It is fully versatile and capable multi-role boat that is ease in all sea conditions. - Aluminium HULL - SLiDE-On COLLAR - D-SHAPE COLLAR - rapid access DOOR SRA boats are also approved for design category B (see technical datasheet or more details). ZODIAC MILPRO INTERNATIONAL 32 bis. boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris France This material contains proprietary data belonging to ZODIAC MILPRO INTERNATIONAL. Unauthorized disclosure, use or reproduction WILL RESULT IN LIABILITY. ZODIAC MILPRO INTERNATIONAL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THIS TECHNICAL DATA SHEET WITHOUT NOTICE Dimensions and weight

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Range SRA - 2

Self-Draining Deck Aft Frame and Roll-Bar Configurations Deck Access Hatches Easy Maintenance Integrated Fuel Tank Navigation Range Intercommunication / Inflation Valves Safety / Inflation D-SHAPE collar Useable Deck Area Optimization Diver Door Slide-on collar Easy Maintenance Layout Deck Tracks Zodiac Milpro CSM / Neoprene Fabric Modularity / Flexibility Zodiac Milpro fabric competitor’s fabric Aluminium Hull Resistance

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