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Mark II C Classic


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Mark II C Classic - 1

PRACTICAL Worthy heir of the first Zodiac boats, it kept all of their qualities: safe, stable and strong. Easy to manipulate ashore, with a pair of wheels for launching on water, it’s easily maneuverable on protected sea areas; its small draught allowing it to access and “beach” on spots otherwise inaccessible to other boats. ECONOMICAL Equipped with a low-power engine, it reaches honorable performances for a low budget for fuel and upkeep. FOLDABLE Entirely foldable, once folded and stored in its two bags, only a few sq. meters are needed for winter storage; always ready to follow you for new explorations. Available with a wooden or aluminum floor. Mark II C Classic Version Alu Mark II C Classic Version Solid ZNautic reserves the right to modify the products characteristics without notice (tolerance +/- 3% on overall dimensions, +/- 5% on weight and speed). Noncontractual Photographs. 2017 Zodiac™. All Rights Reserved - Copyright © Zodiac™. Z Nautic SASU with a capital of € 7,000,000 - RCS TOULOUSE 812 206 340. 2, Chemin de la Val Priout. 31450 AYGUESVIVES

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Mark II C Classic - 2

Length overall/inside Weight Max. power Diameter of tube Technical features 3,80m/2,55m Width overall/inside width 74kg/77kg Max. people on board 35 CV/HP Max. weight of engine 0,455m Number of tube airtight compartments 750kg Short shaft L 1.44m, 1.05m; I 0.65m, 0.61m; H 0,35m, 0.14m Equipements de contort 1 Bow handle 1 Gauge 1 Mast and pennant 2 Bag for transport 2 Bailers 1 Removable bow bag Coque Cone reinforcements Fittings for Comfort launching wheels Equipements de confort Flexible fuel tank 35 l Mooring cover Outboard motor trolley WITHOUT wheels Bench on rails grey Standard...

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