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Catalog Zodiac - 3

REASSURING STABILITY The buoyancy tubes of Zodiac boats have several compartments, separated by waterproof partitions. Thanks to its important air reserves, the boat keeps its ability to float and stays virtually unsinkable when fully loaded, even with a deflated compartment. With buoyancy distributed on the sides and a low centre of gravity, Zodiac boats are almost impossible to capsize when loaded. EXCEPTIONAL LOAD You counted right! There are 12 football players onboard this Zodiac boat. The Zodiac boat has an exceptional weight / area-below-water ratio, giving the boat a considerable...

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Catalog Zodiac - 4

REMOVABLE TUBE, A ZODIAC NAUTIC EXCLUSIVE Built in fenders mean less stress when docking. When maneuvering, the boat will bounce without damage if it happens to lightly tap a dock or neighboring boat in the harbor. Entirely removable. The tube can be taken apart and folded, which allows for easier maintenance, repair, transportation and storage. CHANGE YOUR BUOYANCY TUBES? Nothing easier. The tubes can be removed from the hull – ideal to renovate or restyle your boat at a lesser cost. Gérard garnier, Futura 1987, 55 knots ECONOMICAL Due to its power-to-weight ratio, rib consumes less fuel....

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Catalog Zodiac - 7

MORE SEA-WORTHY The unique combination of a very low center of gravity, a deep-v hull and added stabilization of the tubes gives the rigidhulled inflatable speed and sea-crossing capacities without compromising comfort or safety.

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Catalog Zodiac - 8

THE HULL An internal structure of rot resistant polyester built with a spar and floors network guarantees a single-block linking between the hull and deck. This results in a performance-favourable rigidity and resistance to impact in all types of loading conditions. Zodiac nautic developed a unique industrial process to assemble its buoyancy tubes: thermobonding. This process consists of welding the pieces of Strongan™ material together to offer a material that is both waterproof and durable, almost indestructible. Zodiac nautic is the only manufacturer to master the welding of all...

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Catalog Zodiac - 9

120 Years of experience and inventor of the inflatable boat, Zodiac Nautic offers products with exceptional resistance and reliability thanks to the materials and processes that are always at the cutting edge of technology.

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Catalog Zodiac - 10

FOLDABLE - RIGID-HULLED INFLATABLE OPENAll-in-one MEDLINEPrivate oasis N-ZOPremium cruising CLASSICThe original FUTURAMaster of the sea 6.5

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Catalog Zodiac - 11

Private oasis Premium cruising

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Catalog Zodiac - 12

RIGID-HULLED INFLATABLE PRO A LA CARTE 850 750 7 new generation 6.5 spring 2019 5.5 new generation 500 420 12

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Catalog Zodiac - 13

Practicality | Adaptation | Wide variety

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Catalog Zodiac - 16

WIDE DIAMETER REMOVABLE TUBE Stable and a reassuring hollow inside. Appreciated by all, the pros are equipped with a removable buoyancy tube that facilitates the upkeep. Their “platform” deck offers multiple layout combinations. DEEP V-SHAPED FIBER GLASS HULL Comfort and high performance on heavy seas. NEW CONES ON NEW GENERATION Easy access to the bathing ladder. MOULDED SELF-BAILING DECK ON NEW GENERATION Ease of use: safety and maintenance user friendly. GREAT USE OF SPACE Large available surface for multiple fittings. Wide storage space under the deck and a sizable tank for a wider range

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Catalog Zodiac - 17

Diving, fishing, water-sports, work or leisure, choose and compose the layout of your deck according to your lifestyle and preferences. Your pro adapts! PASSENGER TRANSPORT

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Catalog Zodiac - 18

WIDE VARIETY Jockey console 1 seater white • Numerous color combinations, hull, tubes, accessories, tank integration… • Position of the equipment: console and seats fixed where you want on the deck, depending on the owner's manual. • Choice of driving position: seated or standing • A large offer from 4.20M to 8.50M Optima 800 console grey/ white Optima 800 ftc console grey/ white (68l/18gal) Jockey console 2 seaters grey/ white Pro hl console light/dark grey Pro hls console/ seater light/dark grey Pro hxl console light/dark grey The pro offers unrivalled possibilities of layout and...

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Catalog Zodiac - 19

PANORAMIC WINDSCREEN Protection against wind and sea spray. Pro hxls console/ Optionnal instru- Optionnal instru- High handrail for seater light/dark mental panel for mental panel for l console grey hl console light/ hxl console light/ dark grey dark grey High handrail for xl console Console foot rest (unit) HANDRAIL Wide diameter, comfortable grip, robust, and ergonomic. INSTRUMENT PANEL Large, standard dashboard for all your instruments. Plus the choice to enlarge the dashboard with the optional dashboard upper section. TIPPING CONSOLE Practical for storage, makes it possible to reduce...

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Catalog Zodiac - 20

COMFORT EQUIPMENT Multifix/ fishing rod Multifix/lure holder holder Cutting tablet (associated with a fishing rod holder) Z61751 Electrical anchor windlass Z61584 Audio system (radio, buletooth, ls 6") Z61294 DECK EQUIPMENT Roll bar pro (available with swim ladder) Z61149 Roll bar pro multifix (with ski mast integrated Z61645 Swim platform dark grey + swim ladder Diving racks inox 4/6/8 bottles

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Catalog Zodiac - 21

HL/HLS HL/HLS HXL/HXLS HXL/HXLS Mooring cover (boat Covers (console, bolster, only) back seat) ELECTRONICAL Navigation lights red/ green (on roll bar or console) Z60853

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Catalog Zodiac - 23

new generation spring 2019 new generation STANDARD EQUIPMENT HULL Deep V fiberglass hull Moulded in deck light grey or dark grey Anchor locker, can be padlocked Stern flush deck locker , + 1 front locker 2 High volume bailers 1 Bow mooring bollard 2 Stern cleats Technical area 1 Bow ring 2 Towing rings TUBE Removable tube Strongan™ - DUOTEX™ fabric 2x1100 decitex (Pro 5.5) Hypalon™- Neoprene™ fabric (Pro 7; option on Pro 5.5) Fiberglass bow step inc. Anchor roller Bumper cone Semi-recessed valves Double grab line Anti-slip patches Large profile rubstrake 4 External handles ADDITIONAL...

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Catalog Zodiac - 24


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Catalog Zodiac - 25

Performance | Versatility | Storage

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Catalog Zodiac - 28

TILT FORWARD CONSOLE • Easy to winterize or store in the garage • easy maintenance VERSATILITY A true swiss-army knife, useful in all activities, the open is the cross-over of the seas. The versatility of this rigidhulled inflatable has been thought out in every detail that you can live your passion for the sport. LARGE DIAMETER REMOVAL TUBE FUNCTIONAL Stable and safe. DEEP V FIBERGLASS HULL Combining comfort and performance in strong seas. MOULDED SELF-BAILING DECK Ease of use: safety and maintenance user friendly. NEW CONE Easy access to the swimming ladder. MAXIMUM INTERNAL USAGE OF THE...

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