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2016 - 2

The N-ZOs are pleasure boats to be enjoyed with others. Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of passengers, both when boating and when moored. Three innovative features have been included in the deck design: • fficient use has been made of the E on board space. The deck layout has been designed to facilitate safe moving on-board. A new console, called an “Air Console” (N-ZO 600/ N-ZO 680), has made it possible to minimize floor space used and increase the boat’s interior space. The console of the N-ZO 760 makes steering the boat particularly easy, and also provides practical...

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2016 - 3

700 CABIN The new N-ZO 700 Cabin incorporates all the qualities for which the range is well-known for: harmony of design, quality of finish, ease of use, versatility, and exceptional sea-keeping qualities. The new design of the buoyancy tubes, the cabin, and the upholstery gives the boat an elegant appeal that consist with the other models in the range: the N-ZO 600, N-ZO 680 and N-ZO 760. The new Silvertex fabric upholstery provides exceptional seating comfort and is easy to clean. The N-ZO 700 Cabin is the result of an approach based on innovation, combined with a purity of line, and is...

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2016 - 4

“REVERSE AND SUN” SUNBATHING SYSTEM Fitted with the latest Zodiac® Nautic innovations, the N-ZO 760 offers entertainment areas on both the fore and aft of the boat. Effortlessly, a table or a Reverse & Sun forward sundeck* can be installed. 3 To make life on board as enjoyable as possible, the N-ZO 760 offers added comfort. A kitchenette incorporated in the leaning post includes a sink*, hotplate* and refrigerator* that allow you to prepare meals on board. A space inside the console can accommodate a chemical toilet for additional comfort. White-grey tube available on demand. The fuel tank...

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2016 - 5

RAISED CONSOLE • Optimal comfort when boating • Exclusive design • Optimized space on board • Ergonomic design for ease of movement on board • Raised console • Spacious aft saloon • apid and practical sundeck installation

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2016 - 6

ELTY White-grey tube available on demand. equipment N-ZO 700 CABIN HULL • eep V-shaped polyester hull D • Moulded anti-slip deck • Fuel tank (300 litres) • Water/fuel separator • Self-draining cockpit when empty • 2 automatic bilge pumps • Water evacuation plug • Anchor locker • lectric windlass E + complete mooring facilities • 1 bow ring • 2 tow rings • 2 (bow) cleats that can be built in • 2 fixed (stern) cleats • Wiring harness • Navigation lights • Fire extinguisher holder TUBE • emovable tube (2 half-tubes) R • ypalon™-Neoprene™ H 1670 decitex fabric • Recessed valves • 2 handrails •...

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2016 - 7

www. Zodiac® is a registered trade mark - Copyright© Zodiac® Boileau J3V - Photography: © Bernard Biancotto For more information, visi

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2016 - 9

Medline 660 New Hull – New Deck – New Tube Consisting of 6 boats, the new Medline range has been completely redesigned to deliver outstanding comfort, ride quality, performance, and fun in the sun! The specifications of each Medline have been designed to achieve an optimal power-to-weight ratio. The Medline Series requires less horsepower than conventional power boats, resulting in higher fuel economy. Medline can be easily towed by most mid-size vehicles. Deck plans create exceptional ergonomics and modularity: On-board movement is easy, the sundecks are spacious and can be set up set-up...

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2016 - 10

MEDLINE 500 DIMENSIONS (in meters – feet) Overall length Inside length Overall width Inside width Buoyancy tube diameter CAPACITY Passengers (ISO) Cat B/C Maximum payload1 (kg - lbs.) ISO 14946 Cat C Maximum payload1 (kg - lbs.) ISO 14946 Cat B Total weight (kg – lbs.) Airtight compartments DESIGN CATEGORY European Directive n°94/25/CE OUTBOARD DATA Shaft: G Short I Long Extra long F Ultra long Minimum recommended power2 (HP - kW) Maximum recommended power2 (HP - kW) Maximum power allowed3 (HP - kW) Maximum weight of outboard4 (kg - lbs.) TWIN ENGINES Shaft: G Short I Long Extra long F...

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2016 - 12

CONSOLES White console seat White PRO 420 hull Grey PRO 420 hull White PRO 500 hull Grey PRO 500 hull White PRO 550 hull Grey PRO 550 hull Grey PRO 650 hull Grey PRO 750 hull Grey PRO 850 hull Grey console seat Grey Optima 1000 XL console White Grey Grey White White Grey Optima Optima 800 Optima 800 Optima 800 800 FTC two-seater two-seater jockey jockey console console FTC console console console console N White jockey console Grey stainless steel bolster The ideal boat represents the personality of its owner, its characteristics should be tailored to match the owner’s boating interests....

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2016 - 13

HULLS Strongan™ PVC FABRIC BUOYANCY TUBE Hypalon™-Neoprene™ FABRIC BUOYANCY TUBE PRO RACING HULLS Hypalon™-Neoprene™ FABRIC BUOYANCY TUBE PRO TOURING HULLS Strongan™ PVC FABRIC BUOYANCY TUBE DIMENSIONS (in metres – feet/inches) Overall length Inside length Overall width Inside width CAPACITY Number of passengers (ISO Cat B/C) DESIGN CATEGORY European Directive No. 94/25/CE Shaft: G Short I Long Extra long F Ultra long Maximum recommended power2 (in Hp - kW) Hull angle Indicated measurements may vary by +/- 3%, or +/- 5% for weight and speed measurements. (1) Maximum permitted load is...

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2016 - 15

The new design of the Pro Open Range is firmly focused on adventure boating/ different way to live the sea, while providing a perfect balance of performance and comfort. With excellent sea keeping qualities thanks to Zodiac®’ Nautic deep V-shaped hull and optimized deck plan, the Pro Open provides exceptional ride quality and comfort. The perfect ergonomics, easy maneuvering aboard, new aft bench seat on the 550 model: versatility of the Pro Open range has been designed in every detail in order to give you the possibility to live unique sensations and your sport passion without any limit....

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