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TUNING GUIDE: BASE SETTINGS FOR P14 MAINSAIL-NAUTIVELA sail design Mast Rake: be sure tke main skeet line black line OK tke mast (Hear tke boom) 3) Ckeck out tkat tke line is at tke correct place every time Meassure mast step dlstaKce Prom skroud ceKter to mast, (S) Hold maiKskeet line as Meassure prebeKcl IK (A) from mast to iKKer side of tke rope Jib Wire tension 20-23 LOOSE PT-l 3mm dyform wire Shroud Cable tension 29-30 LOOSE PT-l 3mm dyform wire £ Mast step 0 position: - 1 with 2,5 mm shroud cable 281 cm from the stern until the back pin to the mast

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