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Content INTRODUCTION MICROCOMMANDER & CLEARCOMMAND CRUISECOMMAND MINICOMMAND SMARTCOMMAND SMARTCOMMAND OPTIONS page page page page page page OVER 50 YEARS AGO we introduced the industry's first single lever control systems, and we have been designing and manufacturing control systems for commercial marine vessels, yachts, and pleasure boats ever since. We have established a reputation for reliable, responsive control systems from the beginning and have continued to use new technology to our advantage. This is evident in our SmartCommand control system. ZF Marine's state of the art control...

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Control Systems - 3

Premium MicroCommander ClearCommand ClearCommand CruiseCommand SmartCommand MiniCommand Product Matrix Mech. Engine x Elec. Gear Mech. Troll x Elec. Troll Up to 2 stations Up to 4 stations Up to 5 stations x Up to 6 stations Back up x Joystick Maneuvering System SteerCommand Dynamic Positioning Interface PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS All of ZF Marine's control systems carry our product "DNA", features that you will find across all of our control systems families. They include: ■ plug-in Installation - ZF Marine control systems utilize plug connectors that make installation easier...

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MicroCommand & ClearCommand MicroCommand and ClearCommand are robust These two products are suited to all applications controls that have been long established as industry utilizing mechanical engines and gears with any standards in electronic controls technology. combination of electronic throttle or shift. CruiseCommand is the next step based on the proven MicroCommand and ClearCommand product families. It is designed specifically for larger vessels with multiple control stations and electronic engines and electrically shifted transmissions. CruiseCommand incorporates all the standard...

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MiniCommand is the evolution of standard electronic For operators already familiar with ZF Marine’s exis- SmartCommand is the result of fifty years of experi- Easidock ensures positive clutch response resulting in controls. MiniCommand provides affordable single ting control systems, MiniCommand offers the flexibi- ence in designing vessel control systems. A powerful easy and precise maneuverability in confined areas. lever control of electronically actuated diesel engines lity to be paired with the same control heads offered control system for today’s electronically controlled Easidock...

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Control Systems - 6

SmartCommand Options Joystick Maneuvering System (JMS) Control Head Options ZF Marine control heads are built to withstand the harshest marine environment while being attractively designed to compliment any application. Our control heads incorporate easy to use functionality to give you complete con- ZF Marine’s Joystick Maneuvering System, operates trol from up to six different stations on your vessel. off of the SmartCommand control system, and offers simple and intuitive vessel control at your fingertips. JMS manages the vessel’s main engines, ZF transmissions and bow thruster all...

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Control Systems - 7

To ensure that the correct ZF Control system is selected for your vessel, we ask that you fill out the information requested on this worksheet. Your Name: o State: CO Contact Name: CD CD E Mail: Boat Owner: Rated Thrust: Motor Horse Power (or Hydraulic Pump): Select One □ Proportional Postal Code: Select One □ High Side Select One □ Electric Control System Desired: Control Head / Model: Rated Thrust: Motor Horse Power (or Hydraulic Pump): Vessel Name: Overall Length: Displacement (fully loaded): Select One □ Proportional Select One □ High Side Select One □ Electric Windage...

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Control Systems - 8

Shaping the future responsibly Our enthusiasm for innovative products and processes and our uncompromising pursuit of quality have made us a global leader in driveline and chassis technology. We are contributing towards a sustainable future by producing advanced technology solutions with the goal of improving mobility, increasing the efficiency of our products and systems, and conserving resources. Pkw-Antriebstechnik Car Powertrain Technology Pkw-Fahrwerktechnik Car Chassis Technology Nutzfahrzeugtechnik Commercial Vehicle Technology Industrietechnik Industrial Technology Lenksysteme...

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Control Systems - 9

PLEASURE CRAFT APPLICATIONS ZF Padova s.r.l.* Via Penghe, 48 35030 Caselle di Selvazzano (PD) ITALY Tel. +39 049 8299 311 Fax +39 049 8299 550 MARINE CONTROL SYSTEMS ZF Padova s.r.l. -Location Arco Via S. Andrea, 16 38062 Arco (Trento) ITALY Tel. +39 0464 580-555 commercial and FAST CRAFT TRANSMISSIONS ZF Friedrichshafen AG Marine Propulsion Systems Ehlersstr. 50 D - 88046 Friedrichshafen GERMANY Tel. +49 (0)7541 77 2207 COMMERCIAL CRAFT thrusters ZF Marine Krimpen B.v. Zaag 27, P.O. Box 2020 2930 AA Krimpen aan de Lek, THE...

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