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Commercial and Fast Craft Propulsion Systems MARINE PROPULSION SYSTEMS

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THRUSTER SYSTEMS CONTROL SYSTEMS COMMERCIAL AND FAST CRAFT PROPULSION SYSTEMS The Business Unit "Marine Propulsion Systems" of the marine market. ZF Marine supplies propulsion systems and components for all types of vessels - motor yachts, defense craft high speed ferries, workboats and commercial vessels, to customers including major shipyards and engine manufacturers worldwide. The product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of transmissions (reversing, non-reversing and hybrid), propellers, POD-drive systems, steering electronic control systems, azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters...

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COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS With its outstanding ToughGear series ZF Marine Propulsion Systems provides a complete line of heavy duty transmissions featuring robust cast iron casings built to ZF's industry recognized "Class 1A" specification. Numerous ratios are available that perfectly match today's medium speed diesel engines. FAST CRAFT APPLICATIONS Large motor yachts, superyachts, offshore supply vessels, government vessels and fast ferries are typical applications for this series of marine transmissions, that is characterized by an optimum power to weight ratio, capable of withstanding...

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FAST CRAFT APPLICATIONS PTO Shallow Semi Deep Deep Option Option Case Waterjet only

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ZF Marine Propulsion Systems SUPERSHIFT® is a purely mechanical-hydraulic clutch control system operated by simple on-off solenoid valves. The system deploys standard components only and does not require electronic controls. Thus it represents the maximum possible robust- ness and dependability. SUPERSHIFT® is fitted to ZF Marine Propulsion Systems transmissions as standard equipment without any extra cost. ■ features minimum harness and plug connections ■ does not depend any electric power supply ■ is not rated to the limit thus avoiding problems at critical maneuvers (e.g. crash stop) ■...

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COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS With a comprehensive portfolio of thruster systems ZF Marine Propulsion Systems demonstrates its position as leading supplier to the marine industry. Azimuth and tunnel thrusters in virtually any configuration are available up to an input power Well mounted (placed below deck) steerable azimuth thrusters, fixed pitch propeller, diesel or input power Steerable azimuth thruster with higher efficency and comfort Retractable azimuth thruster, mostly used as auxiliary or back up propulsion, designed for offshore applications like OSVs and PSVs, ■ Z-drive (horizontal input...

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ZF Marine Propulsion Systems manufactures mul- tiple levels of commercial grade propulsion control systems to meet the various needs and require- ments of commercial vessel operators. Whatever the application - from the most basic tug boat to large offshore supply vessels with highly sophisticated Dynamic Positioning equip- ment - we provide the suitable propulsion control systems for mechanical or electronic engine and transmission operation. Our systems are designed for the harsh engine room environment and comply with stringent classification standards. When it comes to ZF thruster...

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Shaping the future responsibly Our enthusiasm for innovative products and processes and our uncompromising pursuit of quality have made us a global leader in driveline and chassis technology. We are contributing towards a sustainable future by producing advanced technology solutions with the goal of improving mobility, increasing the efficiency of our products and systems, and conserving resources. Our customers in the automotive and industrial sectors welcome our determined focus on products and services, which provide great customer value. Improvements in energy efficiency,...

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ZF Padova s.r.l. Via Penghe, 48 35030 Caselle di Selvazzano (PD) Italy Phone +39 049 8299 311 Fax +39 049 8299 550 ZF Friedrichshafen AG Marine Propulsion Systems Ehlersstr. 50 88046 Friedrichshafen Germany Phone +49 7541 77 2207 Fax +49 7541 77 4222 ZF Marine Krimpen B.V. Zaag 27, P.O. Box 2020 2930 AA Krimpen aan de Lek The Netherlands Phone +31 180 331000 Fax +31 180 331099

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