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9000 Series and CruiseCommand Product Brochure Marine Propulsion Systems

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Over 50 years ago, we introduced the industry’s first single lever control systems, and we have been designing and manufacturing control systems for marine vessels, yachts and pleasure boats ever since. We established our reputation for reliable, responsive control systems at the very beginning and have continued by using new technology to our advantage. This is evident in CruiseCommand and our new 9000 Series controls. Product Characteristics Plug-in Installation Synchronization With plug connectors, CruiseCommand and the Engine synchronization is standard on all processors. 9000 Series...

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Standard Features plug-in connections warm-up mode self-contained watertight enclosure push button set up two idle speeds (high and low) audible and visual indicators built-in diagnostic display engine synchronization easy station transfer one lever operation worldwide sales and service support station-in-command indicator speed/shift sequence protection multiple control stations- CruiseCommand: 4 9000 Series: 5 external alarm interface Optional Features variety of control head options reduction gear oil pressure interlock neutral start interlock handheld remote automatic power selector...

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522-5 Tournament control head with chrome or aluminum levers with transfer panel 785 Series CruiseCommand 9000 Series ClearCommand MicroCommander Handheld Remote Handheld remote control with 25’ of flexible cable, plug connection and safety lanyard 463-4 Chrome levers with UV protected knob 5.0”L x 4.7W x 6.8”H 760 Control head with rubber-covered levers 7.5”L x 10.0W x 9.1”H Product Overview 4200 Chrome levers, black body with rubber grip 2.3”L x 3.1” W x 5.7”H 456-3 Low-profile control head with chrome or black lever 5.0”L x 4.0” W x 4.0”H 460-4 T-lever control head 5.0”L x 4.8” W x 6.8”H...

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and more... 9000 Series Communications The 9000 Series control systems replace our The 9000 Series and CruiseCommand control systems utilize the MicroCommander and ClearCommand control latest technology in system communications. Additionally, one systems for all applications utilizing mechanical circuit board contains all product features, eliminating the need engines and gears, or a combination of mechanical for any auxiliary circuit boards. Units are preprogrammed at the and electronic throttle and shift. factory, or they can be customized for specific features. CruiseCommand Product...

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03 07 003 0312 ZF Marine Electronics LLC 12125 Harbour Reach Drive Suite B Mukilteo, WA 98275 USA Tel. +1 (0)425 583 1900 Fax +1 (0)425 493 1569 Driveline and Chassis Technology

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