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ZF Marine Arco S.p.A Via S. Andrea, 16 I - 38062 Arco (TN) ITALY Phone +39 0464 580 555 Fax +39 0464 580 544 maneuverability and comfort 3500 & 3800 Series Enhanced Maneuverability Feel the performance! More like driving a luxury car than a luxury yacht! Each pod moves independently, resulting in excellent turning efficiency and superb response. Reliable, smooth, hydraulic power steers the pods and actuates the integrated trim-tabs, which are automated to improve performance and visibility during acceleration. The pod, which conventionally faces aft, has a thruhub exhaust and can be steered though a large angle without rudder blow-out. Counter-rotating propellers eliminate lateral forces, resulting in absolutely straight tracking. At the helm, the response of the self-centering wheel can be customized, as required, and there’s a power tilt wheel with two-person, two-position memory. This gives a whole new meaning to the word „cruise“! Docking with Ease No need to worry about wind and current when approaching the dock! Safety The advanced joy-stick control system is incredibly intuitive, operated with a simple turn of the wrist! One hand controls it all - sideways tracking, turning on the spot – all with precise speed control. Whether at the dock or backing down on a blue marlin, the total command and maneuverability is simply unmatched! Comfort 03 75 004 0710 - July 2010 Clear, Quiet and Comfortable Because the Zeus® Pod Drive System uses counterrotating propellers and is mounted on large rubber supports, gear noise and vibration are significantly reduced, resulting in a quiet, comfortable ride. The engine exhaust is nearly eliminated by venting through the propeller hubs so that the water flow takes it far back into the wake. Efficiency Driveline and Chassis Technology Maneuverability Marine Propulsion Systems

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An unparalleled level of safety, control & boating enjoyment Safer by design Because the thrust from the Zeus® Pod Drive System is horizontal, the full power of the engines is available to drive the boat forward, unlike a standard inboard shaft arrangement which tends to push the bow down. Skyhook® Electronic Anchor If the pod drive strikes underwater debris, aft-facing propellers are protected by the pod gearcase and skeg. In addition, by mounting the Zeus® Pod Drive System in a tunnel, the torpedo shape of the drive is the same depth as the keel. Most floating objects will be deflected...

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