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Fixed Pitch Propellers Marine Propulsion Systems

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Contents 3 Fixed Pitch Propellers from ZF Marine 4 Fixed Pitch Propellers 5 Propellers for all Vessels 6 Design and Manufacturing Process 7 Quality Control 8 Products: Series Propellers 10 Products: Special Propellers 12 Technical information 14 Data Sheet for Propeller Design 2

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 3

Fixed Pitch Propellers from ZF Marine Manufacturing Location ZF Marine Zhuhai ZF Marine Kaohsiung ZF Marine acquired FPS-(Zhuhai) in 1998 since then Faster Propulsion System Co. Ltd. was established in 1988 in the facilty has been improved and expanded at a Kaohsiung, Taiwan. continuous pace, and in 2010 a major investment has been implemented, with completely renewed and additional The design and manufacture of propellers started in 1989, facilities at the company grounds at the previous area of specifically targeting the high quality market with Class S 46,000 sqm. Total covered area of...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 4

Fixed Pitch Propellers Highest performance, custom design and high quality means excellence Propellers for Speed & Performance High Precision for Quality and Smoothness ZF Marine specializes in custom designed and standard propellers using All ZF Marine propellers are NC (Numerical CAD-CAM technology. Whether your vessels are yachts, commercial Control) machined to very high accuracy. The vessels, ferries, military vessel, patrol crafts, work boats or fishing boats, special blade machining center is integrated with custom made propellers from ZF Marine offers you more choice and the CAD-CAM...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 5

Propellers for all Vessels Pleasure Craft Applications The ZF Marine fixed pitch propeller range covers a wide variety of pleasure craft including ski-boats, sport fish, cruisers and luxury motor yachts. They are ideally suited to the complete propulsion packages offered by ZF Marine. Many different propeller designs are available for precise matching to the characteristics of each vessel, ensuring best performance, silent operation and optimum fuel efficiency. Propellers from ZF Marine allow smooth cruising during leisure time. Fast Craft Applications Fixed pitch propellers for fast craft...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 6

Design and Manufacturing Process Precision means customer satisfaction Design CAD System Design engineers of ZF Marine work closely with the The Computer Aided Design system ensures every propeller customers and provide full technical support and advice. is designed for optimum performance. This leading edge This service also extends outside the offices to our software permits more selection and flexibility to meet all experienced field technicians. Throughout the project phase, customers’ requirements. design phase and after sales, ZF Marine offers excellent customer support. CAM System...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 7

Quality Control Accuracy means efficiency and reliability Strength Test Dynamic Test ZF Marine continuously checks for the best quality casting All propellers are dynamically balanced to ensure smooth in propellers. The well equipped laboratories precisely operation. This dynamic balancing considerably reduces control the physical and this experience leads to continuous noise and vibration in high – speed vessels. improvement of quality. Inspection Spectrometer The final inspection of the propellers blades geometry is The chemical composition of propeller material is controlled carried out...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 8

Products Series Propellers ZF FP KCA - S Series Blades : 3, 4, 5, 6 Pitch Ratio : 0.60-2.00 Area Ratio : 0.50-1.10 Skew Angles : 25 30 35 degrees Section Type : Ogival Remarks : Modified from standard KCA series for smooth application. Suitable for most applications. Cupped available. ZF FP KCA - Series Blades : 3, 4, 5, 6 Pitch Ratio : 0.60-2.00 Area Ratio : 0.20-1.10 Skew Angles : 0 degree Section Type : Ogival Remarks : Most widely use propeller series. Suitable for most applications. Cupped available. ZF FP NR - Series Blades : 3, 4, 5 Pitch Ratio : 1.00-2.00 Area Ratio : 0.50-1.00 Skew...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 9

ZF FP NF - Series Blades : 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Pitch Ratio : 0.80-1.60 Area Ratio : 0.50-1.40 Skew Angles : According to design Section Type : New Foil Remarks : Theoretical design propellers series. ZF FP SPP - Series Blades : 5, 6 Pitch Ratio : 0.90-1.8 Area Ratio : 0.70-1.10 Skew Angles : According to design Section Type : SPP, SC Remarks : Suitable for different surface drive applications. ZF FP KA - Series Blades : 3, 4, 5 Pitch Ratio : 0.60-1.60 Area Ratio : 0.55-0.75 Skew Angles : 0 degree, skew available Section Type : Aerofoil Remarks : Suitable for accelerating nozzle propellers and...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 10

Products Special Propellers Impellers Nozzled ZF Marine has supplied a 3.44 m (11 ft, 3in) diameter Nozzled propellers generate more bollard pull for tugs. ZF propeller for a cavitation research tunnel at the National Marine offers a wide selection of different designs. Taiwan Ocean University. This impeller is designed with adjustable pitch for different water speed. Model Test Propeller Materials Test propellers for models require the highest geometrical ZF Marine can offer various propellers with the materials precision to ensure accurate test results. This precision is of manganese...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 11

Optimum Propeller Selection In order to select a suitable propeller with optimum distribution chord-wise) must be carefully considered in efficiency and ensure low cavitation, low exciting force addition to the skew, rake and pitch distribution in radial characteristics at the design point specified by the customer, direction. Guidelines for choosing suitable blade sections are the shape of the blade section (i.e. camber and thickness shown in the following table. Ship speed (knots) Propeller blade section < 25 Aerfoil Mau, Wagenengen-B, NACA Aerfoil Mau, Wagenengen-B, NACA Ogival Gawn,...

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Fixed Pitch Propellers - 14

Data Sheet for Propeller Design Shipyard:________________________________________ ZF Marine Kaohsiung Boat’s Name or Nr. Project:_________________________ TEL:+886-7-787-1831 Contact:_________________________________________ Fax:+886-7-787-1833 Phone:__________________________________________ E-mal: Fax:____________________________________________ Project Nr. : ________________ E-mail:__________________________________________ Date:______________________ The propeller suggestion can only be as accurate as the information that you provide. Boat Information Type of...

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