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Your propulsion system partner ZF Marine is the Marine Propulsion Systems business unit of the ZF Group - a multi-billion, international conglomerate specializing in drive-line and chassis technology for the automotive industry, with headquarters at The marine headquarters is at ZF Padova SpA, which is also a manufacturing location producing transmissions for Commercial Craft and Pleasure Craft segment, as well as other products and components. In addition, transmissions are produced for special applications, including marine and industrial gas turbine prime movers. This company also...

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engine powers up to 14,000 kW, complete with matching fixed or controllable pitch propellers and electronic control systems. ZF Marine has also implemented an ongoing improvement process in order to meet the various needs of customers in the Pleasure, Fast and Commercial Craft market segments. The statement "Coming Closer to our Customers" is not an empty slogan, but a commitment to work together with engine manufacturers, shipyards, boat owners and operators to provide the best possible products and services - worldwide. Roland Heil Commercial Craft Sales & Service Organization (North...

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The Marine Propulsion experience - Turnkey solutions! Experience is what counts in a harsh unforgiving marine environment, and ZF Marine has been exposed to such elements for over 50 years! As a truly international supplier of marine propulsion systems, with design and production facilities in six countries and an extensive sales and service network, ZF Marine is well positioned to serve all your propulsion requirements. World-renowned for high quality, high performance transmissions ideally suited to applications in all types of fast craft, particularly luxury motor yachts and defense...

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ZF Marine HRP produces state-of-the-art electronic control systems for propulsion systems installed in commercial vessels for azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters and CPP propulsion Marine propulsion packages are the logical outcome of ZF Marine's vision to establish a turn-key customer service.This means a single source and single responsibility for azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters, transmissions, shaft lines, bearings, propellers, control systems and all associated accessories. ZF Marine's experienced professionals develop fully integrated systems according to individual customer...

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Products Description Reversing and non-reversing transmissions The ZF Marine organization can take advantage of the vast experience coming from the parent company, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of the world's leading suppliers to The ZF Group's R&D facilities have been available during the development of a series of modern reduction gearboxes which incorporate state-of-the-art tooth design to achieve low noise signature and high load transmission capabilities. The gearbox housings are extremely resistant to torsional stresses and are generously sized to safely transmit the thrust loads to the...

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Thruster Systems ZF Marine HRP has more than 30 years of experience in ZF Marine HRP the reputation of a reliable and renowned building azimuth thrusters. The company has designed, thruster supplier. All thrusters are developed, designed and produced and commissioned various types of thrusters, produced in house and built in accordance with high quality for a multitude of applications around the world, bringing standards, guaranteeing the reliability of the product. Well mounted steerable azimuth thruster units to be placed below deck Steerable azimuth thrusters with counter-rotating...

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Turnkey responsibility for the propulsion drive-line offers many benefits, not only during project conception and system commissioning but also for service support throughout the vessel's life! These benefits include: ■ Optimized design through careful matching of gearbox and propeller to the hull and engine characteristics. ZF Marine's design experts work closely with ship designers, shipbuilders and engine manufacturers during the project phase, construction period and are available for analysis of sea-trial results. ■ Standardization of propulsion components results in simple systems,...

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Controllable Pitch Propellers Design simplicity and ruggedness are the main features of the ZF Marine KH controllable pitch propeller. The solid hub has large blade port bearings to ensure that the high thrust loads and wake-induced, alternating stresses are safely absorbed. This conservative design approach results To ensure maximum strength, the hub body is formed from a single, robust, nickel-aluminum-bronze casting and is designed to absorb the centrifugal and bending loads that are exerted by the propeller blades. The hub bearing areas are sized using FEM (finite element) technology...

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Propulsion Control Systems ZF Marine propulsion control systems are based on decades of experience in marine control system design and are therefore at the leading edge of marine electronics technology, providing ideal solutions for single engine, multiple engine or multi station installations. Control systems from ZF Marine interface with mechanically or electronically controlled engines, thrusters, transmissions and auxiliary systems. In particular, the electronic control systems for CPP's can be supplied for either constant speed operation or combined mode Using its own technology gained...

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ZF Marine manufactures multiple levels of commercial grade propulsion control systems to meet the various needs and requirements of commercial vessel operators. From the most basic tug boat to large double ended Ferries, our state of the art control systems are designed for the harsh engine room environment. Military Vessels and Offshore Supply Vessels, which demand highly sophisticated Dynamic Standard features ■ Push button configuration ■ Multiple Transmission protection functions ■ Multiple control station capability with simple station Positioning systems, are today equipped with ZF...

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