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Performance Specs - 1

A jet powered personal aerial vehicle, capable of unprecedented individual mobility.

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Performance Specs - 2

Demonstrated Predicted capability capability Safety & Graceful Degradation With engine out capability, the Flyboard® Air can lose one engine and still continue the mission. If two engines go out, the Flyboard® Air will make a controlled descent. Auto-hover mode Quick release boots Engine out capability Triple redundant flight controls Independent engine electronics Independent engine fuel supplies Status indications via Heads-Up Display Embedded stabilization independent of flight controls Isolated turbines with improved cooling and lubrication

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Performance Specs - 3

ApplicationsManned and Unmanned The high capacity and stable nature of Zapata’s® VTOL air and water based products make them ideal platforms for previously impossible Military Individual Mobility for Special Operations, Ship to Ship, Ship to Shore, Quick Reaction, Presence Patrols Denied Area Penetration Vertical Deployment of Fixed Wing UAS Megacity ISR Medical First Responder Autonomous Unmanned Evacuation Mass Casualty Resupply and Evacuation Emergency Access for Medical Personnel Rescue and Recovery Fire First Responder Remotely Operated Fire Fighting Device Hazardous...

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Performance Specs - 4

"Never Stop Dreaming" The Zapata® technology platform is the safest, easiest, lightest, most maneuverable, and least expensive personal aviation system ever created.

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