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SURF RESCUE • Professional use This board has been used for many years now by experienced Lifeguards world-wide. Australian, American (east and west coast) Lifeguards have been using this craft successfully for many occasions. In Europe has the main usage been the French and Spanish coastline as well as on the west coast of Great Britain and Ireland. For Germany this board has been successfully introduced to the northern and Baltic seas as well as to a large number of Stillwater lakes. The »Surf Rescue« board is manufactured in a sandwich moulding technology with a foam core. This very strong construction with a AirX layer has proved its liability with the professional boards especially. An further advantage to the common customised boards is the extra carbon support of the nose, rails and tail. It has a air valve for the very hot days on the beaches and a special safety fin for the use in bathing areas. There are handles for carrying on the whole length of the board. The signal colours of the board are sunfast. On top and bottom you find the signs »Surf Rescue«. On an order of 20 pcs. and more you can receive your individual design! Prices and further offers of Lifesaving equipment (e.g. Rescue Tubes) on your request. Technical details: Length: 320 cm Width: 55 cm Thickness: 19 cm Volume: about 225 liters Weight: abou

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Use of the »Surf Rescue« board Secure tired swimmers Expired air resuscitation in the water Securing the patient even in heavy surf

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