Marine Product Guide 2009-2010 - 40 Pages

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Marine Product Guide 2009-2010

Catalog excerpts

Holding On To Nature's Glow Yanmar Marine is completely dedicated to boating, all around the world. Generations of expertise and experience, combined with unrivalled innovation and industry-leading technology, are built into every Yanmar engine. These are compact, lightweight, quiet, low emission diesels, renowned for their outstanding performance and rugged reliability. They go further and they work harder for you, year after year. Yanmar and respect for nature go hand in hand. The engines are designed with the environment in mind, allowing you to enjoy your boating and still hold on to...

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30 Zeus® Pod Drive System 38 Marine Engine Overview

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Yanmar diesel engines are the lightest and toughest solutions available for sailboat inboard power. Smooth and quiet, innovative and built to last, the reputation of these engines is second-to-none. Yanmar has been building diesel engines for nearly 100 years, always with the philosophy of developing more power for less weight. The engines and support products are designed with respect for marine ecology and manufactured in plants that hold important approvals from many respected environmental authorities around the world. They are backed by full-scale sales and support facilities in more...

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Innovative Solutions Innovative new products are introduced regularly and existing models receive constant attention to see how they can be made even better. Among the latest examples are the newJH Series engines. The 3JH5E and 4JH5E have many modifications and are fully compliant with EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations. Not only doesYanmar have a policy of producing engines that meet emissions standards, it also strives to be well ahead of the demands made Continuing the theme of innovative solutions, you can read in this Product Guide about an onboard power generation system that most...

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The Power To Move You Yanmar GM/YM Series 6.6-21.3 kW / 9-29.1 mhp With the largest displacement and smallest dimensions in their class, these thoroughbred workhorses provide sure-re auxiliary power for sailboats and durable primary power for small motorboats. This is the most reliable diesel support around, best-in-class and ready to use whenever you need it. Compact; lightweight; economical; easily serviced; durable. Running further for you and with greater efciency. • Extra power, higher torque • Quieter and smoother • No visible smoke • Fuel efcient and easily maintained 80 Crankshaft...

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Compact and powerful, clean and quiet, these are mid-range three and four-cylinder diesels based on a completely redesigned engine block and new combustion system. The new 3JH5E and 4JH5E are fully compliant with EPA Tier 3 emissions regulations, so you can enjoy more displacement, power and torque, with low vibration, low noise and low emissions. Maintenance is easy and straightforward. In any case, you have the comfort of knowing that Yanmar Marine provides high quality service and advice facilities around the globe. • Highly efficient performance • Whisper quiet running • Powerful...

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Aqua Sensor SAILDRIVE SERIES 10 Product Guide 2009-2010 ISO 124710 10 7-1-2009 10:12:57

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The Efcient Transfer Of Power Yanmar Saildrive Series 6.6-55.2 kW / 9-75 mhp All Yanmar Saildrives feature patented double-seal safety technology with audio warning device. Diesels from 9 mhp to 75 mhp can take advantage of these easy-to-install drives, the SD20 or SD50, depending on engine size. Saildrives help to eliminate shaft vibrations, unnecessary noise, alignment and space problems, thanks to their direct power-to-prop conguration. Boat balance, manoeuvrability and thrust are improved. • Inner and outer seals with Aqua Sensor • Whisper quiet and low vibration • Simple and...

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Economical Power Solution KMG65E Generating System Developed to work with Yanmar’s 3JH5E and 4JH5E Series diesel engines, the KMG65E is a compact and economical solution to the supply of onboard electricity. The generator is a mere 105mm deep and weighs just 21kg, tting between the engine and transmission, whether standard gearbox or SD50 Saildrive. Sufcient electricity is generated, irrespective of engine speed or load – for example, to run kitchen equipment, a computer, television and music system. The KMG65E can also be used to charge the boat’s batteries. • Choice of one or two remote...

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Some owners use theirYanmar diesels to help them win competitions or break records. Some use them go for high-speed, long-distance cruising. Others are content to take a more leisurely approach to their time on the water. All can enjoy confidence in theirYanmar power. They have chosen the toughest and most durable power packs available for pleasure Yanmar continues to make substantial investments in product design, development and manufacturing excellence. One of the objectives is to make the best still better. When the innovative common rail BY Series of light-weight diesels was introduced...

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Innovative Power The new 6CX530 is much lighter than anything the competition can offer - well over 200 kilos less than some comparable-size engines. Electronically governed, with Yanmar's own common rail system, the 6CX530 is the only 7.4-litre diesel engine for the pleasure boat market and develops a mighty 530 mhp. A new gearbox is available, the seven- Yanmar has developed the new ZT350 sterndrive specially for its BY2 and LP series diesel engines. The quiet, hydrodynamic ZT350 is available with Yanmar hallmark qualities, such as low noise, smooth shifting capability and minimised...

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Turning Power Into Performance Hailed as setting new standards for the boating industry, the leading-edge, second generation BY2 Series engines continue at the same output as their predecessors but incorporate many upgrades, including the reprogramming of the ECU from torque to speed control, providing even smoother operation and better synchronisation on twin-engine applications. Choose from shaftdrive or the hydrodynamicYanmar ZT350 sterndrive.These tough but lightweight, common rail electronic BY2 diesels meet the latest EPA and RCD emissions regulations. • Smooth, powerful acceleration...

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