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Brings summer to your life

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ENHANCE YOUR SUMMER WITH A TOP QUALITY BOAT FROM FINLAND 79 Day Cruiser 68 Day Cruiser 68 Cabin 65 Day Cruiser 63 Bow Rider 63 Day Cruiser 63 Hard Top 61 Center Console 59 Day Cruiser 59 Cabin/Cabin DS 56 Bow Rider 56 Hard Top 56 Side Console 50 Side Console 47 Twin Console 46 Side Console 44 Side Console Yamarin brings summer to your life FOCUS ON HANDLING, QUALITY AND SAFETY We want you to experience the summer’s best moments with Yamarin. Our primary values are excellent handling and a very high level of Nordic quality, also with a clear idea of safety. Yamarin is one of the most valued...

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boat brands in the Yamaha network in Northern Europe. Yamarin and Yamaha are a desired and appreciated combination that retains its value well. Used Yamarin boats are popular and easy to sell. Our carefully selected and reliable partners do their part to ensure the quality, reliability and functionality of Yamarin boats, sold in more than ten countries. Together with the best dealers, we are able to guarantee an optimally fast and flexible delivery and service for our customers. whether it be a day trip to a nearby island, a weekend at the cabin or a speedy day of water sports. The main...

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YAMARIN DAY CRUISER – TRULY A BOAT TO ENJOY The Day Cruiser has been designed and built with meticulous attention to detail into a classic complete package featuring a bow cabin. The high standard of specification, efficient utilisation of space and the elegant interior make Yamarin the No. 1 brand among all day cruisers, setting the standard with its design and technical solutions. The wide windshield and the large open space in the back guarantee a comfortable ride for all, protected from the wind. The Yamarin Day Cruiser is equally suited for day cruising, boating trips and water sports,...

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Imagine a perfect summer day on the sea - the sun, the lapping of the waves and your travel party of choice. On board the 79 DC, you can enjoy those ageless moments. This king of the Day Cruisers offers complete Yamarin quality from perfected handling characteristics to the pleasures of a fully equipped craft. Standard equipment includes the bow propeller, teak floor, fresh water system, Wallas stove, refrigerator with a freezer and a water toilet. The boat sleeps up to 6 persons. STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Adjustable canopy railings • Allows for the mounting of stern anchor winch • Anchor boxes...

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Give the boat a warmer look, improve the appearance, add to the safety of moving around on board. Facilitates boat handling at the marina and when mooring. 3. TWO-PIECE STEERING CONSOLE CANOPY With headroom of up to 2 metres, protects passengers from the rain and also the boat when moored. 3 4. PANTRY IN THE OPEN SPACE A wash basin, water tap, fresh water tank (45 l) – Add to the comfort and improve everyday hygiene. Refrigerator (48 l) – Keeps food fresh and drinks chilled. Features a freezer compartment. The boat also has a designated space for a cool box. Compensate the inclination in...

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10 7. FOUR OPENABLE HULL WINDOWS Two windows on either side; they let light into the cabin and improve ventilation. 9. SPACIOUS BATHING PLATFORM There is a spacious storage compartment under the driver’s seat. Allows you to tie up the boat safely, facilitates moving from side to side and enables easy access to and from water. 11. SUN DECK WITH MATTRESSES AND DRIVER’S SEAT WITH SHIFTING BACKREST 12. WATER TOILET WITH SEPTIC TANK (30 LTR) Facilitates sleeping arrangements and increases sleeping capacity on board. The sun deck is great for sunbathing and also serves as an extra bed when...

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The 68 DC, one of our most popular Day Cruiser models, is a great fit for a larger family or circle of friends. This beauty represents the very best in its size category whether in terms of handling, safety or standard of specification. If you are looking for a boat that combines excellent handling characteristics with well thought-out passenger features, this is your choice. Both younger and older boaters will appreciate the amount of open space available as well as the spacious STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Anchor boxes at bow and stern • Adjustable canopy railings • Cabin carpet • Cabin...

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The Nordic boating season has the sun and the rain, and everything in between. In the 68 C, we want to offer an alternative that makes sense for active boaters who love a long boating season. Thanks to its on-board comfort and easy walkthrough, the 68 Cabin is the ideal choice for boat trips or short-distance travel in any weather, whether for families with children or senior boaters. It features a large open area and sleeping facilities for 4 persons. A well-equipped pantry and water toilet come as standard. STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Anchor boxes at bow and stern • Benches with gas struts...

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An all-time favourite, the Yamarin 65 DC, offers you the thrill of speed! This is a boat model recommended by our customers, because it has everything in place: spacious sleeping facilities, a comfortable social area and plenty of storage space. Additionally, the console on the co-driver's side features a wash basin and a mounting place for a water system. The grey coloured steering console eliminates reflections and improves visibility. How about trying out the 65 DC's capabilities for yourself? STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Anchor boxes at bow and stern • Cabin carpet • Cabin mattresses • Canopy...

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Are you into wakeboarding, water skiing, SUP boarding or scuba diving? This great and versatile open boat is the choice of leisure boaters, particularly lovers of water sports. Its robust structure and deep "V" hull guarantee superb manoeuvring even in rougher conditions. The boat features excellent layout solutions even for a larger crowd; for example, by simply swivelling the cockpit seats you can easily create a comfortable social area for five persons in the back. STANDARD EQUIPMENT • Anchor boxes at bow and stern • Benches with gas struts • Canopy compartment • Consoles feature...

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