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Innovative & Reliable

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As a boater, you understand how rewarding and enjoyable time on the water can be. We at Yamaha are boaters, too; so we get it. We understand how important it is that your outboard starts with the first turn of the key. To be able to focus on reading the water for signs of fish or finding that perfect cove, rather than being preoccupied with your equipment. This is what drives us to engineer our four-stroke outboards in the meticulous way we do. We suppose we could have engineered our 4.2-liter V6 outboards without incorporating advanced technologies such as plasma-fused sleeveless...

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are simply unwilling to make, because we want our products to provide the boating experiences and memories you deserve. Our spirit of innovation continues in 2015. Announcing the launch of four additional V MAX SHO® models; an exciting redesign of our best-selling F150 for even more satisfying performance; new F8 portables, re-engineered for greater convenience and control; and the expansion of our Helm Master® system to accommodate quad applications and twin F200s. And know, each of these new models share the same Yamaha DNA that has built our time-tested reputation for reliability and...

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POWER + Performance For the confidence to go further offshore. Roaring offshore waves are no match for the big-block power of the Yamaha V8 F350. The world’s first 5.3L four-stroke outboard provides energetic performance, with up to 45 percent more thrust than 250-horsepower-class outboards. Even with its massive power, the V8 still offers impressive fuel economy. This combination of strength and efficiency makes the award-winning V8 a powerful, yet practical choice for offshore performance. MotorBoating 2007 Best of the Year DOMINANCE Want an outboard with an appetite for adventure? Go the...

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OFFSHORE FOUR STROKE 5.3 liter big block MODEL: F350

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INCREDIBLE THRUST Variable Camshaft Timing creates awe-inspiring thrust throughout the low and middle RPM ranges. FUEL EFFICIENCY Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection works in concert with long tube intake tracks and an In-Bank™ Exhaust System for maximum efficiency and compact design. PURE POWER The V8 F350 is designed to easily produce 350 prop shaft horsepower and its four oversized valves per cylinder increase breathing efficiency, power and torque. BETTER COOLING Dual, forward and side-mounted water inlets operate independently (as pairs) to help keep the engine cooler in a...

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The outboard that’s offshore-tough. Punishing high seas, corrosive saltwater and high loads destroy lesser engines, but not the mighty V8 F350. Purpose-built to endure the challenges of offshore boating, it features our Ultimate Corrosion Protection System (UCP-II™). This places sacrificial anodes throughout the powerhead, mid-section and lower unit to protect vital engine components. Combined with our proprietary alloy (YDC-30), exclusive Phaze Five™ Paint System and freshwater flush device, it’s one of the most practical and purpose-built outboards ever to prowl offshore. BLUE-WATER...

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FAST + Fuel Efficient The next generation of offshore performance. When it comes to offshore boating, our next-gen of V6 Offshore four strokes changed it all. The second they hit the water, these 4.2L V6 outboards were off and running—setting new standards for power, efficiency, speed and weight. Innovative engineering means these lightweight engines use less fuel to get you there faster. They may be streamlined, but rest assured, the V6 series is built for the rigors of offshore boating. After all, when you’re a hundred miles offshore, nothing matters more than reliability. The V6 Offshore...

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OFFSHORE FOUR STROKE 4.2 liter big bore MODELS: F300 | F250 | F225

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UP TO 73 POUNDS LIGHTER THAN OTHERS IN THEIR CLASS, these outboards keep your craft nimble, competitive and ready for the catch. Innovation changes everything. The Yamaha Offshore V6s are designed to perfectly balance all your offshore boating needs. Whether you’re competing for the title, angling for fun or just want to get away, these six-cylinder engines will deliver UP TO 19% FASTER AT CRUISE RPM THAN 300-HP COMPETITORS, so you can spend more time where the fish are and less time getting there. top-notch performance. The secret to the versatility of these four strokes is their...

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BEST-IN-CLASS CHARGING POWER The V6 Offshore engines offer 70 amps of total alternator output; almost 30% more power than other V6 four strokes. This kind of power is vital for operating today’s array of electronic devices. THROTTLE RESPONSE AND ACCELERATION Variable Camshaft Timing gives the V6 Offshore series impressive hole shot and midrange acceleration. LONG-RANGE FUEL ECONOMY An electronically controlled single throttle valve and Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection make these outboards up to 17% more fuel efficient. LIGHTEST WEIGHT IN CLASS An advanced lower engine pan...

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Durable offshore design. There’s a lot of responsibility riding on your outboard motor. That’s why the Yamaha V6 Offshore series is custom-designed for the tough demands of offshore boating. Every component is optimized for efficiency and reliability, and together they form PLASMA-FUSED CYLINDERS Lighter and stronger than steel, plasma-fusing results in larger cylinder bores which increase displacement, power and torque while reducing weight. a high-performance outboard with unmatched durability. Best of all, the optional Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP®) System keeps your engine...

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SMART + Streamlined Start the day even stronger. The Yamaha F150 was the world’s first 150-horsepower in-line, four-stroke outboard. More than 10 years later, it continues to be the gold standard and the best-selling 150-horsepower four-stroke outboard of all time. In 2015, its fan-favorite technology becomes even more advanced, with design updates to further enhance its reputation for satisfying boaters. Perhaps even more exciting, its next-gen, advanced technology has inspired a series of new horsepowers in the in-line four family. Now boaters can enjoy signature I-4 lightweight designs,...

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