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Outboards Innovative & Reliable and Marine Engine Systems

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LET’S SPEND A LIFETIME ON THE WATER. For most of us, days on the water are cherished and few. We need to make the most of them. If you count on having this time, you need an outboard you can count on to power it. That’s why boaters choose Yamaha for the long run. They trust us because our reputation for reliability is well-earned, backed by season after season of dependable performance. In addition to uninterrupted hours on the water, boaters have come to rely on Yamaha for innovation that helps them maximize their time. Helm Master® EX, our award-winning boat control system, was engineered...

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A LIFETIME ON THE WATER STARTS WITH SMART OUTBOARD OWNERSHIP. Announcing the new, MyYamahaOutboards app. With maintenance tracking, preferred dealers and more at your fingertips, your ownership experience is about to take a smart, new turn. Our all-new app and web portal allow you to: ACCESS DATA ON THE GO OR AT HOME. The MyYamahaOutboards app is available for download to IOS® and Android™ devices. Or log into your account online at MyYamahaOutboards.com. Whether you’re prepping at home or Track Maintenance. MyYamahaOutboards makes tracking DIY and dealer-completed already at the dock, your...

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LET’S SEE WHAT YOUR BOAT CAN REALLY DO. 6 NEW ULTIMATE CONTROL. BETTER BOATING. ENJOY THE WATER EVEN MORE WITH OUR AWARD-WINNING BOAT CONTROL SYSTEM. The new Helm Master® EX integrated boat control system expands on the functionality and compatibility of our original system, for an exciting, next generation of control. And it only continues to evolve and improve—from controlling up to five outboards at once to offering the industry’s first single-engine joystick. Plus, it features even more automated modes for fishing and relaxing, autopilot, fully electric digital steering and more. You’ll...

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THE INDUSTRY’S FIRST SINGLE-ENGINE COMPATIBLE JOYSTICK SYSTEM. The award-winning, new Helm Master EX is available for a variety of ® applications from quint-engine offshore rigs to boats with single engines—an industry first. This brings the automation, convenience and precision of a joystick control system and its running, positioning, fishing and navigation capabilities to even more boaters. RELAX AND ENJOY THE WATER WITH MORE AUTOMATED JOYSTICK MODES. New, Helm Master EX includes an enhanced joystick and a refreshed roster of Set Point® joystick functions, including software enhancements...

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Touchscreen Display AN INTEGRATED SYSTEM FOR 360 DEGREES OF CONTROL. Our five-inch touchscreen can monitor the RPM and gear status of up to five outboards, plus ** critical boat stats for fuel, water and more. Every component of Helm Master® EX* continues to evolve, providing Multi-Engine Binnacle even more functionality and control. From its enhanced binnacle and Binnacle controls up to five outboards and five-inch touchscreen—it all adds up to greater precision and ease of offers a wealth of engine controls. It now also Our enhanced, Digital Electronic Multi-Engine expanded Autopilot...

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Outboards and Marine Engine Systems - 7

LET’S MAKE SOME POWERFUL MEMORIES OFFSHORE. 12 MILES FROM LAND, THE XTO EXPERIENCE IS MORE CHARGED THAN EVER. The 5.6L V8 XTO Offshore® changed offshore boating forever, simply by delivering tremendous torque and power in an outboard package. As if that wasn’t revolutionary enough for yacht-class boats, its award-winning Phase Angle Control Charging System provides up to 96 amps of net charging power per outboard at idle. This keeps the starting batteries charged for increased reliability, while also powering a range of onboard tech. There’s simply no smarter outboard offs

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SETTING NEW STANDARDS FOR TOUGHNESS, RELIABILITY AND CHARGING POWER. The Yamaha XTO Offshore is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions and confidently get you back to port. With proven technology and enhanced, high-quality components like plasma-fused sleeveless cylinders, carbon-coated lifters, an oversized gearcase, hardened gears and built-in digital electric steering, it’s designed to be dependable, tenacious and enduring. net charging power per outboard with Helm Master® EX COMPRESSION RATIO improves fuel economy & power AWARD-WINNING CHARGING SYSTEM. The new Phase Angle...

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OFFSHORE POWER THAT’S CHANGED EVERYTHING. The XTO Offshore delivers so much thrust and power, charging capability and ease of use. It’s revolutionized almost every aspect of offshore boating. From inspiring a new class of 50-foot-plus boats for the yachting class to offering them more reliability and efficiency, with a naturally aspirated big block and the industry’s first direct-injection four stroke. n TWO-STAGE WATER PUMP improves temperature control in extreme conditions and provides proper cooling water flow at all RPMs, thanks to a rubber impeller for high pressure and flow, and a...

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OUTBOARD IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. The XTO Offshore is more than an outboard. It’s a fully integrated power system. Let’s start with its awardwinning Phase Angle Control Charging System delivering up to 96 amps of net charging—per outboard—at idle. Next, consider its integrated electric INGENIOUSLY DESIGNED FOR EXTREME CONVENIENCE. Revolutionary power, performance and efficiency weren’t the only musts when the XTO Offshore was being designed. The steering—which brings incredible ease of serviceability had to be groundbreaking, too. The end responsiveness and precision. Then result includes a...

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LET’S MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY MINUTE. THE OFFSHORE’S MOST RELIABLE 4.2L V6 HAS EVOLVED AGAIN. For years, folks have set off with the 4.2L V6 Offshore and never looked ** back. With legendary, 97 percent reliability, it’s easy to see why. Now, in addition to a sleek, new look, this trusty V6 has another advantage—it’s * the first offshore V6 with responsive, built-in digital electric steering. Even a long-time favorite can take an exciting turn. * echanical F225, F250, and F300 models remain unchanged and are available in gray only. M ** efers to analysis of warranty claim data for powerhead,...

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