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Xfie excitement starts fiere. Welcome to the LMJorld of tjamaiia Last year, Yamaha proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary; a milestone marking the progress of a remarkable brand that has developed, by sheer technical innovation, product excellence and a customer-led philosophy, to become The World's Favourite Outboard! It's a fact. Visit a boating area anywhere in the world, from the busiest marina to the quietest fishing harbour, and you will see the evidence all around you; Yamaha builds the world's most desirable and popular The main reasons for such long-term customer loyalty are easy to see. Huge choice, supreme performance and a reputation for quality and durability that is second to none. No other outboard line-up can match Yamaha on any of these points - never mind give you the perfect Huge Choice = Perfect Match Yamaha brings you the world's largest range of outboards, helping you make the perfect match for your boat; more than thirty 4-stroke and 2-stroke models, stretching from a electric engines too! The availability of around 100 model variants makes choosing easy, from choice of steering and starting method, to tilt system and transom height. Innovative Technology = Supreme Performance Every Yamaha outboard is the direct result of years of intensive development and class-leading innovation. Inside those sleek, silver-grey housings, the very latest in marine engineering and low-emission technology is at work, delivering an unbeatable combination of responsiveness, acceleration, speed, smoothness and quietness. The next few pages provide a confidence-giving insight into some key Yamaha technical features that contribute to what our owners identify as The Yamaha Unmatched Pedigree = Turnkey Reliability The Yamaha reputation for turnkey reliability is legendary. No outboard brand has more engine hours behind it - or more customers so fiercely loyal to it... watersport enthusiasts ... family cruising people ... tough and demanding professional users. To match that trust, Yamaha Authorised Dealers form a global sales, parts and service network that is the envy of our competitors and invaluable to our customers! So as a Yamaha owner, you can rely on professional advice, assistance and support wherever you are; it's yet another benefit of joining Even after 50 years, nothing stands You'll find the proof on the following pages; both of which have features usually only found on larger engines ... in the technical upgrades to our tempting new range of Digital Network Gauges linked by Yamaha's sophisticated Local Area Network (LAN) system. All 2007 models with EFI or HPDI fuel systems are fitted with the linking port for this advanced LAN network and NMEA 2000 compatibility also makes it easy to connect navigation aids and equipment from other manufacturers. Four Stroke FBOO - FBSO (Electric Drive Flexible Rigging Digital network Gauges B& - B~7

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New for 2007 - 2

LJamahia. Xfie uuitJ^st cfiolce on tfie ix/oter. Is there an outboard in your boating future? The answer, whether you're a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, is almost certainly a resounding 'yes!' And, more than likely, it's going to be a Yamaha - simply because that's where you'll find the latest and most exciting design innovations, technical developments and user-friendly features. Clean. Economical. Quiet. Smooth. Alongside the constant drive for yet higher standards of performance and reliability, are the incredible advances that have been made in creating outboards that...

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New for 2007 - 3

There are a great many exciting and exclusive features which set a Yamaha apart from every other brand, and which have helped create the unique Yamaha reputation for user-friendly performance and turnkey reliability. Whilst it is impossible to list them all, particularly in the detail required for the more technically advanced or specialist types of engine, the following pages offer a brief summary of the more important and helpful features, many of which are to be found on most Yamaha outboards; they are the special ingredients which add up to create the Yamaha Difference! To see whether...

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New for 2007 - 4

(Engine Control Module) Standard on most Yamaha models. The ECM is a very sophisticated, yet reliable micro- computer which is the 'brain' behind so many of the functions that make Yamaha such a reliable, user- friendly outboard. In fact, the ECM monitors and controls a variety of functions and features, depending on the model, and is responsible for everything from running the ignition timing and controlling PrimeStart™, to activating the many warning and protection systems that look after the engine and the user. In reality, it is almost the 'heart' of a Yamaha as well as the 'brain'. On...

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New for 2007 - 5

Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt Shallow Water Drive Fresh Water Flushing System Standard (or available as an option) on most models 20hp and above. Standard on most Yamaha models. Standard on all models 6hp and above. Yamaha's compact and light, yet powerful PT & T system is the envy of the industry. Quick response from the convenient push-button control makes trim and tilt very smooth and easy, and the -4° to +16° position range enables the driver to get the best possible performance from the hull in all conditions. The negative trim setting (-4°) improves acceleration Tilt up and brings the...

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New for 2007 - 6

The Yamaha Difference High-output Alternators Autolube Multipoint™ Oil Injection System Dual Battery Charging System Standard on most Yamaha models. Standard on all HPDI models. Option on F200 • F225 • F250 and HPDI models. Compared with most competitive models, Yamaha engines have a high-output alternator to ensure that plenty of power is always available to start the engine, even after prolonged periods of idling, or using multiple accessories when running at low revs. Oil Tank Built-in Oil Tank Oil Filter & Oil Level Sensor Buzzer Two batteries are charged at the same time, to ensure...

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New for 2007 - 7

Digital Network Gauges Digital instrumentation is available on many Yamaha outboards, either as standard, or as an optional accessory. Designed for optimal visibility and long term durability, these instruments provide accurate information to help achieve the best overall performance and efficiency from the engine. Three instruments are available: a Multifunction Tachometer that displays engine rpm, engine hours, trim angle, oil level and warning lamps; a Multifunction Speedometer that displays speed, trip, time, fuel and battery voltage; and a Fuel Management Gauge that monitors fuel...

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