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Yamaha-2017-Outboards F-30-F350 HP


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This is Yamaha. Made for water. Around the world, people who love the water choose smooth, quiet, reliable Yamaha power to help them make the most of every moment. Why? Because no other outboard has earned their trust so completely, has more experience behind its name - or the ability to deliver performance so perfectly tuned to the way they enjoy their boating. People who simply love the feeling of being on the water. Friends who go out together to enjoy the water. Watersports enthusiasts who want to challenge and dominate it -whatever their individual way of playing with water, they rely...

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The science of innovation A key factor in the creation of The Yamaha Difference is our dedication to technical innovation. We've pioneered many world-first engineering developments, from revolutionary engine layouts to ingenious intake and exhaust systems - and given the world its very first line-up of clean, economical, reliable 4-stroke outboards. Cutting-edge technology Combustion efficiency rules everything, so we exploit technologies like VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing) and DOHC (Double Overhead Camshafts) to optimise performance. Our unique technologies have brought other advantages...

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Dual Thrust propeller A large diameter, low pitch propeller, designed to maximize thrust in forward gear and, by redirecting the exhaust flow, it also improves maneuverability and pulling power, especially on heavier boats. Variable Trolling Control This helpful feature, standard on most EFI models, offers precise control of low-speed engine rpm for relaxed trolling. Adjustment is made in steps of 50 rpm, using a button on the tachometer. Dual Battery Charging System This system’s isolator separates the starting and accessory batteries to ensure efficient electrical power distribution for...

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HELM MASTER" Helm Master - Fully Integrated Boat Control System Handling a boat with more than one outboard* has never been as easy as it is now. Because with Helm Master's intuitive joystick, single lever engine control, fully automatic trim system and touch-button speed control, confident boat handling just became your speciality! It really is that simple, because with this fully integrated drive-by-wire system, relaxed and intuitive boat handling comes naturally - even manoeuvering and docking become a real pleasure to look forward to. * Helm Master is compatible with twin and triple...

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F40 // F30 These models use a range of innovative and advanced technologies to optimise the combustion process, including Yamaha’s proven Multi-Point EFI system with vapour reduction. They work in partnership with a micro-computer which analyses and adjusts the fuel/air mixture for instant starting, excellent throttle response and clean, efficient combustion. Peace of mind is standard Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) The Y-COP immobiliser system is simple, easy to use and highly effective – a neat and simple remote control locks and unlocks the engine at the push of a button....

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Maximum enjoyment. Minimum emissions. Whether strokes or cylinders, Yamaha understands the power of Four! Which is how the world’s pioneer in 4-stroke technology has brought added refinement to the 4-cylinder configuration with a powerful long stroke design for the EFI-equipped F50 and F60 - to deliver ultra-smooth, useable power with low noise and vibration levels. Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) The Y-COP immobiliser system is simple, easy to use and highly effective – a neat and simple remote control locks or unlocks the engine’s ignition system at the push of a button. This...

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F70 The F70’s advanced, lightweight powerhead design features a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) with four valves per cylinder, for maximum power and efficiency. A large intake valve area with lightweight pistons and valves give class-leading horsepower-perlitre. Play with a powerful partner Special high gear ratio 2.33 The Yamaha F70 provides outstanding ‘out of the hole’ acceleration, thanks in part to the lower gearcase design which features a high gear ratio of 2.33:1. The extra toughness comes from the fact that all gears (Forward, Reverse and pinion) are specially hardened for...

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Lighter weight. Potent power. Vivid acceleration. The SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) layout, with its large cylinder capacity and 16-valve format, results in optimum valve actuation, delivering improved acceleration and performance. Yamaha’s latest 4-stroke technology combines this with advanced intake and exhaust system designs – and our unique multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). Large single throttle valve 11_F90C/F100F_SOHC 16 valves This innovative system controls the flow of air to all four cylinders, pulse-tuning it before it reaches the injectors of the EFI system. The air...

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With their new and innovative intake and exhaust valve design – and twin camshafts, each driven independently – intake and exhaust efficiency are dramatically improved, optimising fuel use during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures easy starting, consistent running, longer plug life - and complete dependability. Class-leading power-to-weight Compact, lightweight design - ideal for re-powering The versatile F115 and F130 are the leading powerto-weight performers in their class, so they’re the ideal choice for a wide range of activities and open up exciting opportunities for...

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With 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves on each cylinder – and, with twin camshafts, each also driven independently – intake and exhaust efficiency are dramatically improved, optimising fuel use during combustion. The TCI ignition system ensures easy starting, consistency, longer plug life and - ultimately - reliability. Relaxing power and performance Sleek cowling design An attractive appearance is not the only advantage of this purposeful-looking cowling. It is designed to trap and drain water far more efficiently, leading to even smoother operation, less corrosion and longer engine...

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