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Yamaha-2012-F40--F30 - 5 Pages

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When you value peace of The lightweight F40 and F30 are packed with power but are designed for simple installation and ease of use. They're ultimately Yamaha's Electronic Fuel Injection system (EFI) delivers impressive power at high speeds, plus real mid-range punch and torque - along with outstanding economy. PrimeStart™ makes starting up as effortless as it is in your car - and since this is a Yamaha, that meansfirst time, every time. Our unique Wide Range Power Trim Et Tilt system then lets you take full control. ► EFI for cleaner, more efficient ► Compatible with Yamaha Digital Network Gauges ► Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) system ► PrimeStart™ system for easy starting ► Wide Range Power Trim Et Tilt ► Hydro Tilt for lever control ► Compact shape and one-piece solid top ► Yamaha's Ideal Anti-corrosion Finally, for that little extra peace of mind, Yamaha's Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) system protects your engine with a car-style remote-control immobiliser.

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Whether you're a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, choose the engine that helps you get more value and pleasure out of your boat. Choose Every Yamaha engine uses the very latest and most innovative marine technologies, engine layouts and intake/exhaust systems. Efficient performance is ensured by a system of micro-computer control that precisely monitors fuel mixture and combustion efficiency for ultimate reliability. Without compromising on power, performance or usability, our specially designed marine engines also help preserve the environment through the use of pioneering...

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These models use a range of innovative and advanced technologies to optimise the combustion process, including Yamaha's proven Multi-Point EFI system with vapour reduction. They work in partnership with a micro-computer which analyses and adjusts the fuel/air mixture for instant starting, excellent throttle response and clean, efficient Digital Network Gauges Like all Yamaha EFI outboards, the F30/F40 output NMEA compatible data for Yamaha's range of easy-to-read Digital Network Gauges. Among the instruments available are a multi-function tachometer which displays RPM, hours, trim angle,...

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Additional features All information in this catalogue is given for general guidance only and is subject to change without prior notice. Photographs may show boats being driven by professionals and no recommendation or guidance in respect of safe operation or style of use is intended or implied by the publication of these images. Always respect the local maritime regulations. Always wear the recommended personal floatation device and safety equipment when boating.

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Parts & Accessories The Yamaha Chain of Quality Yamaha technicians are fully trained and equipped to offer the best service and advice for your Yamaha product. For this reason, Yamaha strongly recommends visiting an official Yamaha dealer for all your service requirements. Yamaha Marine Parts £t Accessories are especially developed, designed and tested for our Yamaha product range. Yamaha also recommends the use of Yamalube®. Yamalube® is our own range of high- tech lubricants, the lifeblood of Yamaha engines. They are developed to carry on working effectively, no matter where you drive....

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