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Specialty Products 09 Blowers Bottled Water Systems Oil Changers

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09 Specialty Products BLOWERS Flange Mount Blower Flex Mount Blower • N.M.M.A. type accepted • Meets USCG Electrical Regulations of Title 33,, chapter I, part 183; subpart I and ISO 8846 MARINE for ignition protection • DC models comply with ISO 9097 MARINE FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS Flange mount blowers are mounted with the discharge port fastened directly to a flat surface to minimize ducting. The inlet port can then be connected with duct hose to the area requiring ventilation. Standard models are rated for intermittent service, 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off....

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09 Specialty Products BLOWERS ^^srule* Specialty Products 09 BOTTLED WATER SYSTEMS Rule® In-Line Blowers Bottled Water Solutions for Beverage Dispensing FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS Designed for efficient, high-output operation, these blowers feature corrosion-resistant motor housings for long life. Compact and easily installed on any flat surface, Rule® in-line blowers provide higher air flow, lower amp draw, and quieter operation than standard blowers. These blowers can be run at half voltage (for example, 24V version at 12V) to reduce noise, reduce flow, and greatly extend motor life....

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09 Specialty Products BOTTLED WATER SYSTEMS 5000 Series Bottle Water System BevJet Compact & BevJet5000 FEATURES • Float switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty • Built-in check valve to prevent back flow • Universal seal cap APPLICATIONS • Designed for dispensing bottled water to coffee machines, beverage dispensers, vending machines and carts • Easy mounting and installation • Upgrade kits available • 20' (6.1m) 1/4" (6mm) OD discharge hose included • For remote locations where water supply is inaccessible SINGLE INLET BOTTLE WATER SYSTEM MODELS MODEL # BEVJET COMPACT • BevJet...

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09 Specialty Products OIL CHANGERS Porta-Quick Permanent Oil Changer FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS The Porta-Quick™ portable oil changer makes quick, clean, and easy on-site oil changes using the vehicle's battery to power a reversible flexible impeller pump. FEATURES • 14 quart (13L) container easily handles two engines • Pump is reversible to both drain and refill engine oil • Corrosion-resistant bronze pump head spark in the presence of fuel vapors • High-temperature-resistant Teflon™ dipstick probe MODELS • Non-collapsible, thick-wall suction hose • Garden hose thread adapter...

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09 Specialty Products OIL CHANGERS Do-it-Yourself Oil Changer Flat Tank Oil Changer FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS The Do-It-Yourself Oil Changer is simple to use, and offers quick and easy operation for light-duty oil changes. FEATURES • Great for lawn mowers, compactors, and other small-engine oil changes • Fully assembled • 14 quart (13L) container • Tested to 1400 cycles • 8' (2.5m) high temperature-resistant Teflon™ dipstick probe • Uses the 12V power from your car or truck to operate a quiet diaphragm pump MODELS MODEL # SPECIFICATIONS MOTOR BODY DIAPHRAGM VALVES CONTAINER BATTERY...

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