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Speciality Products 11 Blowers Bottled Water Systems Appliance Controls Oil Changers

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Speciality Products BLOWERS Flangemount Blower Rule® In-Line Blowers FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS Flangemount Blowers are generally mounted with discharge port fastened directly to a flat external surface to minimize required ducting. The inlet port can then be connected with duct hose to the area requiring ventilation. Standard models are rated for intermittent service, 15 minutes maximum. Commercial duty models are rated for continuous service. Designed for efficient, high output operation, these blowers feature our exclusive front and rear shaft seals and corrosion resistant motor...

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Speciality Products BOTTLE WATER SYSTEMS Bottled Water Solutions for Beverage Dispensing There are many situations where portable potable water is needed for a variety of drink dispensers in locations where filtered water is not available. A good example is a portable coffee station. These are often moved into ideal locations for conferences, meetings, or other specific events, but those convenient locations often don’t have plumbing for water. Even businesses that want a permanent installation may not want to incur the cost of installing plumbing to the desired location. A common solution...

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Speciality Products BOTTLE WATER SYSTEMS Bottled Water Plus Dual Inlet Porta-Quick FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS APPLICATIONS • Designed for dispensing bottled water to coffee machines, beverage dispensers, vending machines and carts. See diagrams below • For remote locations where water supply is inaccessible The Porta-Quick Portable Oil Changer makes quick, clean and easy oil changes. FUSE SIZE SPECIAL FEATURES • Float switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty • Built-in Check Valve to prevent back flow • Universal seal cap • Easy mounting and installation • Upgrade kits are...

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Speciality Products OIL CHANGERS Economy Engine Oil Changer FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS The Economy Engine Oil Changer will extract up to 50 weight of oil at a temperature of 70°F (21°C) through the engine’s dip stick tube, usually in less than 5 minutes. MODELS MODEL #S FUSE SIZE SPECIFICATIONS BODY Plastic with 10 quart (9.46 liters) capacity bucket BATTERY LEADS 7 feet (2.13 meters) with alligator clips SUCTION TUBE 8 feet (2.43 meters), oil & heat resistant FUSE SIZE Includes integral power switch Flat Tank Economy Engine Oil Changer FOR INTERNATIONAL & US MARKETS The Flat Tank...

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