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• Tough Reinforced Plastic Housing • Continuous-Duty Motor With Thermal Overload Protector • Mounts To Any Flat Surface • Slip-On Inlet Ducting Connection • Efficient High Volume Airflow • Corrosion-Resistant Materials Throughout Fuse Size: Explosion hazard. Motor can spark. Explosion & death can occur. Do not use where flammable vapors are present. WIRING: All wiring should be done by a qualified electrician and conform with USCG regulations. A minimum of 16 gauge THW wire should be used for lengths of up to 50 feet from the power source. The ungrounded (black) conductor may include a 0.75 Amp AGC fuse installed near the power source to protect A switch of minimum 5 Amp rating may also be installed in ungrounded conductor (between fuse and blower) to control blower operation. The neutral conductor (white) should be connected directly from the neutral buss to the blower motor. The Jabsco 115 Vac blower is ideal for ventilating cabin odors which may be present in galleys, heads or locker areas. It may also be used for engine room ventilation on vessels with diesel powered engines only. THIS BLOWER IS NOT IGNITION PROTECTED. DO NOT USE TO EXHAUST FLAMMABLE VAPORS SUCH AS GASOLINE FUMES OR MOUNT IN AN AREA WHICH MAY CONTAIN FLAMMABLE VAPORS. The blower is also suitable for general air circulation when 115 Vac power consumption is preferred. MOUNTING: Mount blower on flat bulkhead surface in highest part of compartment free from spray or deck wash. Blower may be rotated in mounting bracket to facilitate the shortest route of ducting. Use a suitable discharge fitting so that static pressure of blower will not be affected by change in wind direction. Jabsco ventilator intake screen No. 34764-0000 provides a safe and attractive protected inlet. NOTICE: Blower should be mounted away from extreme heat (more than 130°F) to prevent distortion of blower wheel or A separate ground wire (green) should be secured to the grounding wire riveted to the motor case and connected to the vessel's common ground. INSTALLATION DRAWING

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