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Impeller Replacement - 1

12 Impeller Replacement InTRODuCTIOn Jabsco - The Original Impeller Jabsco flexible impellers can be fitted to most makes and models of bronze flexible impeller engine cooling, bilge, transfer and general purpose pumps. Jabsco flexible impellers are subjected to rigorous quality processes to ensure reliable, efficient and long lasting performance.

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Impeller Replacement - 2

Impeller Replacement - The Basics use neoprene Impellers for engine c-ooling, and for fresh or salt water transfer duties. neoprene is the most commonly used material and is suitable for use where only small amounts of oil or diesel fuel are present. use nitrile Impellers for bilge pumping, and for transfer duties where the water is heavily contaminated, for example by oil or diesel. For diesel transfer duties, go to pages 45-46 and select a Jabsco Sliding Vane pump. Replace all impellers at least once every year, or sooner, depending on the engine duty. When the installation is correct an...

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Impeller Replacement - 3

12 Impeller Replacement IMPELLER PROFILES Selecting your Jabsco Replacement Impeller There are several ways of identifying the part number of the correct Jabsco impeller if you do not already know it. 1. If you have a Jabsco pump, the Jabsco impeller part number can be found on the Data Sheet that is delivered with each pump. 2. If you have a Jabsco pump, but no data sheet, and you know the full pump model number, go to pages 117-140, Pump Spares by Pump Model, and read off the correct Jabsco impeller part number. 3. If you have another brand of pump, and you know their impeller part...

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Impeller Replacement - 4

Shaft Diameter (For use with Yanmar 1GM10 Marine Engines (673-Series Impellers may be replaced with the newer 18673-Series - See Impeller Type I) (22120-Series Impellers may be replaced with the newer 18777-Series - See Impeller Type HH) Impeller Profiles mpeller Replacement

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Impeller Replacement - 5

SELECTION TABLE BY PROFILE * Insert material was different ** t Impeller molded on shaft tt Extended Drive sleeves Sherwood replacement Impeller Mercruiser replacement

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Impeller Replacement - 6

SELECTION TABLE BY PROFILE Selection Table by Dimensions

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Impeller Replacement - 8

UPGRADE TO A JABSCO IMPELLER *Has single flat drive not spline Upgrade to a Jabsco Impeller

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Impeller Replacement - 9

12 Impeller Replacement TROuBLE SHOOTIng guIDE Trouble Shooting 1 Symptons: • End faces hard and either polished or cracked, like carbon. • Some or all blades completely missing. Cause: • Dry running, lack of water in pump. • Temporary suction blockage. • Leaking suction plumbing. Remedy: • Do not run pump for more than 20 seconds without liquid. • Install a liquid sensor/temperature alarm. • Check suction plumbing, strainers, and thru-hull fittings for blockages and leakage. • Arrange discharge plumbing to trap liquid in the pump. Trouble Shooting 2 Symptons: • Pieces missing from the...

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Impeller Replacement - 10

Trouble Shooting 4 Symptons: • Impeller appears to have swollen. • Blades appear wider than impeller hub. • Rubber may feel sticky. Cause: • Chemical attack, more common with oily bilge water or diesel transfer. Remedy: • Ensure impeller is rinsed after use. • Remove impeller when not in use. • Remove impeller for long term storage. Trouble Shooting 5 Symptons: • Blades have some or severe permanent set. Cause: • normal use of impeller. • Long term storage in pump. • normal end of impeller life. Remedy: • Refit impeller to rotate in opposite direction. • Remove impeller for long term...

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