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General Purpose Pumps - 1

08 general Purpose Pumps InTRODuCTIOn Ballast Pumps Today’s Wakeboard and Ski tow boats need to be able to take on water ballast to modify their wake formation. A development of our tried and tested Puppy Pumps lets these specialist craft rapidly take on and dump ballast, while modern electronics guard against dry running damage to the impeller. Circulation Pumps Centrifugal pumps are the correct product for closed circuit circulation systems, such as Livewell Circulation, Washdown, Central Heating and other flooded suction applications. Jabsco offers purpose designed pumps capable of arduous commercial duty. Relevant Products Our Drill pumps are old favorites whose multiple uses keep them in constant demand.

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General Purpose Pumps - 2

Shower & Sink Drain Jabsco and Rule’s broad range of pump types means that we can provide a choice of solutions according to your needs and budget. Diaphragm pumps such as 50880 and PAR-Max are the choice of charter operators - quiet and dry running. Many knowledgeable owners still appreciate the ability of our Puppy pumps to handle a wide range of debris. Shower Drain Jabsco bronze bodied AC motor pumps are self-priming, portable and versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications wherever AC power is available. Shower Drain Pump A compact, full capacity shower drain system....

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General Purpose Pumps - 3

08 general Purpose Pumps RELEVAnT PRODuCTS Water Puppy Shower Drain Pump good flow rate. PAR 37202 Series 2 Shower Drain Pump Quiet running and corrosion resistant bilge, shower and sink drain pump. 8 gpm (32 lpm) at 10ft (3m) total head. • Self-priming up to 4ft (1.2m) allows mounting above wet bilges. • Shower debris presents no problem to this bronze bodied, flexible impeller design. • 3.4 gpm (13 lpm) open flow output at 3ft (1m) head. • Self-priming up to 6ft (2m) vertical lift allows mounting above wet bilges. • Quiet running. • Corrosion resistant materials throughout. • Simple...

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General Purpose Pumps - 4

Magnetic Drive Circulation Pumps Cyclone® Circulation Pump Robust, high efficiency and flow, long life circulation pumps. Typical applications include Hot & Cold water systems, windscreen washing, livewell and bait tank systems and liquid transfer. The Jabsco Magnetic Drive Brushless DC Pumps offer exceptional life and reliability. The motors last in excess of 10,000 hours and the seal-less pump heads remove any chance of leaks. • Low and high pressure versions available. • Rugged and simple design. • Robust stainless steel body and anti-clogging design impeller. • Versatile, will handle...

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General Purpose Pumps - 5

08 general Purpose Pumps RELEVAnT PRODuCTS Drill Pumps Jabsco Drill Pumps provide a very versatile means of transferring fluid almost anywhere an electric drill with ¼” to ³⁄8” chuck can be operated. They provide easy powered pumping almost anywhere a hand utility pump might be used. • Pumps up to 3.5 gpm (13 lpm). • Self-priming to 3ft (1m). 17250-0003 • ¼” (6.5mm) diameter shaft. • Supplied with ¾” garden hose thread port adapters. • Model 17215-0000 includes accessories for Oil Changing. Pump (boxed) with two Garden Hose Thread Port Adapters. Connections for ½” (13mm) ID hose and ¾” gHT...

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General Purpose Pumps - 6

High Speed Inator/Deator Portable Pumps The Rule High Speed inflator/deflator inflates a typical 4 man dinghy in as little as one to two minutes. Adjustable nozzles have been included for most inflatables and valve types. Inflator kit available for replacement adapters. Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic with comfort-grip handle providing smooth firm strokes. Available in 24” (610mm) with hose and 48” (1220mm) with hose. • 12 volt, 25 amp, maximum 2.6psi, 20 CFM. • 10ft. (3m) cable length with battery clips. • Pre-lubricated and sealed bearings to ensure long life. • Robust fan drive belt...

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General Purpose Pumps - 7

08 general Purpose Pumps RELEVAnT PRODuCTS The 12210-Series Pumps are the most compact self-priming flexible impeller 115 volt AC utility Pumps Jabsco offers. The 18610-Series pumps are very versatile moderate flow rate, portable selfpriming utility Pumps suitable for continuous duty applications. • Bronze Pump head. • Bronze pump head. • 3.4 gpm (12.8 lpm) output at 10ft (3m) total head. • 5.8 gpm (22 lpm) output at 10ft (3m) total head. • Continuous duty motor with thermal over-load protection. • Replaceable brushes. • Intermittent duty cycle. • 6 foot power cord with grounded plug. • 8...

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General Purpose Pumps - 8

The 6050-Series pumps are the highest capacity, self-priming, portable utility Pumps offered by Jabsco. • Bronze Pump head. • 3 gpm (87 lpm) output at 10ft (3m) total head. • Continuous duty motor with thermal over-load protection. • Motor wired to operate with 115v AC and can be converted to 230v AC. Designed to remove water from basements, garages, stairwells, utility rooms, boats, and other utility applications. Available in nonAutomatic & Automatic versions utilizing standard 110 volt AC current. uL Listed. A53S • Available with Open Drip Proof or Totally Enclosed Fan Automatic, 1800...

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