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4125 SERIES - 1

a xylem brand BILGE PUMP • Soft, Noise Absorbing Mounts • Corrosion Resistant Materials • Models Meet U.S.C.G. Electric Standards Motor: Permanent Magnet, Ball Bearings on both Front and Rear Endbells. CE Models are fully Pump: Four chamber diaphragm positive displace- ment design; Self-priming up to 6 ft. suction lift; Pump able to run dry without damage; Removable port to hose connectors. Pump Series Dimensions - Inches (mm) Weight Height Width Length lb. (kg) MODEL* VOLTS @ 10 psi (0.7 bar) GPM (l/min) * CE fully suppressed models are identified by a prefix "R" and a CE mark on the label, (i.e. R4125-314). Self Declaration Of Conformance (SDOC) is available upon request. Your "Quad II" pump is designed to self-prime up to 6 feet suction lift (vertical distance from bilge pick-up to pump inlet). The maximum recommended discharge head (distance outlet is above pump) is 15 feet. It is recommended you utilize an automatic on-off switch so that the pump is turned off when not in use. The "Quad II" is able to run dry (no liquid) for extended periods, however, this could cause needless battery drain.

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4125 SERIES - 2

C Flojet Bilge Pump Flojet Inlet Strainer INSTALLATION STEP 1 Remove shipping plugs from Quad pump ports. Some water from factory testing may spill out. supporting weight of pump. STEP 5 Use 3/4”’ I.D. flexible hose (preferably braided or reinforced). Use hose clamps on the slip-on barb hose connections. Use of reinforced vinyl hose is recommended. STEP 2 Install inlet A and discharge B port connectors. Slide clips toward rear, install ports and firmly push slide clips C forward to lock port connectors in place. STEP 6 Install a Flojet #01610-000 strainer in an accessible location (for...

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4125 SERIES - 3

TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING: BEFORE SERVICING PUMP, TURN OFF PUMP AND DRAIN WATER FROM SYSTEM!! Failure to Prime - Motor operates, but no pump discharge • Check and clean inlet strainer (make sure bilge pick up is clear) • Restricted intake or discharge line • Air leak in intake line • Debris in pump • Punctured pump diaphragm (pump leaks) • Crack in pump housing Low Flow and Pressure • Air leak at pump intake • Accumulation of debris inside pump and plumbing • Worn pump bearing (excessive noise) • Punctured pump diaphragm (pump leaks) • Defective motor • Inspect check valves (item 2) for...

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4125 SERIES - 4

BILGE PUMP SERVICE PARTS KEY# Upper Housing With Clips Check Valve Assembly Diaphragm Assembly (includes screws) Lower Housing Assembly Ports - 3/4 Barb (pair) Ports - 3/4 Garden Hose (pair) Pump Head Assembly Side Clips (pair) *Service Kit includes #2, #3, #8 and drive cam assembly. ACCESSORIES QUICK CONNECT PORT SYSTEM QUAD PORT x 1/2" HOSE BARB STRAIGHT QUAD PORT x 3/4" HOSE BARB STRAIGHT QUAD PORT x GARDEN HOSE ADAPTOR QUAD PORT x 1/2" HOSE BARB 90° ELBOW QUAD PORT x 3/4" HOSE BARB 90° ELBOW The above part numbers are packaged with 2 fittings per bag. STRAINERS Pump Series Strainer...

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