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"applied Solar and Wind Ehergy- SOLARDISCOVERY™ Series - with ON/OFF switch and - TIME and LUX knob controls for Duration Time and Lux Control Level SOLARDISCOVERY™ Series XUNZEL Solar LED Light KIT with PIR Motion sensor Product Overview • SOLARDISCOVERY™ - XUNZEL lights any dark area and adds extra safety, security and peace of mind taking advantage of the Sun's energy • Automatically turns on when motion is detected • Ideal for remote locations, doorways, stairs, outside walls, decks, docks. patios, pathways, walkways, drivew ays. carports, garages, gardens, sheds, cabins, RVs, fences, security & lighting dark areas • Easy. Fast & Safe Installation • Fully weather resistant and can be mounted almost anywhere • Wireless. No mains power or wiring required ■ Fully orientable LED spot light. Brightens up any outdoor space with high lumen output ■ High-efficiency long-lasting LED technology with Hi Lumen output • Charges during the day and works at night • PIR Motion Sensor. Detection distance: 8 meters - Detection range: 120 • Made with high resistance ABS plastic with UV protection for added • Solar panel is weatherproof and amorphous technology, that charges even on cloudy days and can be mounted almost anywhere ■ Amorphous solar panel with adjustable angle ■ Ni-MH Rechargeable battery. 3.6V 600mAh • 3 meters of wire connected to solar panel • With ON/OFF switch and ■ TIME and LUX knob controls for Duration Time and Lux Control Level GARDEN LAND CARAVAN MARINE Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications © 2015-2016 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained In this docume

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