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IXS™ Series - 1

'applied Solar and Wind Ehermr IXS™ Series IXS™ Series - XUNZEL XUNZEL Smart True Sinewave Inverter-Charger with Integrated Solar Charge Controller Product Overview Pure sinewave inverter (AC output) Smart battery charger. Charges batteries from the utility or another auxiliary power supply (AC input) Solar charge controller (PWM or MPPT). Charges batteries from solar photovoltaic panels (DC input) Three-stage charging method (Bulk - Absorption - Float) (adjustable Battery type.- ACM, Flooded or user defined Controlled by a microprocessor for high efficiency LCD display, intuitive menu. 3 indicator LEDs and 4 setting buttons Widely configurable: input (AC or solar), charging current automatic Low self-consumption with "energy saving" mode Lightweight. Anodized aluminium casing With full protections Low/high battery alarm and protection Cold start function Auto restart while AC is recovering Isolation design between input and output for safety guarantee High quality sinewave output even better than the household AC Ideal to run motors, appliances, microwaves, ovens, consumer electronics, sensitive electronics... Ideal for photovoltaic and hybrid Off-Grid and Off-Shore applications: UPS and Back-up, telecom and CATV, traffic, agricultural, marine and caravan, cathodic protection, professional installations... ■ Relay for an automatic start of a generator (DCCP, optional) ■ Parallel operation. Up to 20kAV in single-phase mode (up to 4 units) and up to ISkVA in three-phase mode (up to 4 units). Only for 5kVA models (Connection KIT PKIXS5000. optional) Available Models IXS-5000-48-MPPT-R 48VDC / 5000VA-4000W / MPPT - Solar Charge Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications UPS-BACKUP PROFESSIONAL • 20I5-2OK Copyright XunzaL Information contained In thlt document la tubjact to Chang* without notice

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IXS™ Series - 2

"applied Solar and Wind Energy- Rated Power: Efficiency (peak): Saving Mode Power Consumption: Surge Power: Transfer time: Solar Charge Controller Minimum Battery Capacity Available Accessories - PKIX55000: parallel connection KIT for multiple units 1X55000-48 Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid. Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications Cl 2015-2016 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained In this document is subject to change without notice.

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