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"applied Solar and Wind Energy - ischarge Controller iSCC-XN Series of XUNZEL SOLAR CHARGE AND DISCHARGE Remote Digital Display iSCC-DX dapter iSCC-DIN of XUNZEL Programmable Solar Charge iSCC-XN Series - XUNZEL Programmable Solar Charge and Discharge Controller I2/24V Automatic Detection Product Overview This solar charge and discharge controller protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar panels and from being over-discharged by the DC loads The iSCC-XN Series of XUNZEL are sophisticated solar charge and discharge controllers for small solar systems where charge and discharge control are required They are equipped with a microprocessor and provide high efficiency displaying the normal operation. alarm messages etc. in a simple way with acoustic signals and display. The solar charge and discharge controllers iSCC-XN of XUNZEL are programmable and provided with negative grounding In addition to a perfect PWM regulation with integrated temperature compensation, the controllers provide fully electronic safety functions Their multi-stage (4-stage) PWM charging method (Float - Main - Boost - Equalization) is adjustable for different types of batteries: GEL/ACM or Flooded (Factory setting). These solar charge and discharge controllers also come with three deep discharge functions Low Voltage Warning (LVW). Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) adjustable by State of Charge (SOC) or battery voltage (up to 5 different modes), and automatic Low Voltage Reconnect The iSCC-XN Series of XUNZEL are equipped with multifunctional LCD in order to display clearly the charge status the discharge status or the state of charge of the battery with a bar graph and the loads status Furthermore these controllers are one of few controllers in their class that have an acoustic alarm before low voltage disconnection. Thanks to their DC load output there is no need of any inverter to power DC loads such as ultra-efficient low-voltage I2VDC or 24VDC LED NATURE Series lamps of XUNZEL Consequently, savings and efficiency of the solar system are increased considerably These solar charge and discharge controllers are equipped with a wide range of programmable functions such as LVD function. Nightlight function and Lock-out function. Moreover, their programming menu can configure iSCC-XN Series battery type LVD. Nightlight function (type evening setting and morning setting). Day/Night threshold. Buzzer on/off. Serial Interface Functions and Individual/Factory settings Available Models OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: - DIN RAIL ADAPTER iSCC-DIN of XUNZEL - EXTERNAL TEMPERATURE SENSOR CXNT of XUNZEL - USB INTERFACE CXI of XUNZEL (software CXCOM) - REMOTE DIGITAL DISPLAY iSCC-DX of XUNZEL iSCC-XN Features and Benefits ■ Built-in one-year data logger for better system analysis. ■ Battery state-of-charge indication by means of bar graph. • Load disconnect warning by acoustic signal. ■ Four-stage (Float, main, boost and equalization) PWM charging method for lead-acid batteries (GEL/AGM and Flooded). •Temperature compensation. • SOC- and voltage-controlled LVD with five different selectable algorithms. • Fully electronically protected. • Negative grounding. • External Temperature Sensor CXNT of XUNZEL available (optional). • DIN Rail Adapter iSCC-DIN of XUNZEL available (optional). • USB Interface CXI of XUNZEL available (optional) (software CXCOM). • Remote Digital Display iSCC-DX of XUNZEL available (optional). Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid. Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications ® 2014-2015 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained in this document is subject to change

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iSCC-XN™ Series - 2

"applied Solar and Wind Energy - iSCC-XN Seri Programmable Solar Charge iSCC-XN Series Specifications_ Nominal System Voltage Max. Charge Current / Power Max. Discharge Current / Power Discharge Controller iSCC-XN Series of XUNZEL Float Charge_ Main Charge Boost charge Battery Type Deep Discharge Protection (LVD) - Voltage dependent Low Voltage Reconnection (LVR) Level Overvoltage Protection Undervoltage Protection Temperature compensation Terminals - Max. Wire Size Ambient Temperature AGM/GEL and Flooded Lead-Acid Conforms to the relevant European CE standards OPTIONAL ACCESSORY iSCC-DX -...

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