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GALAXXI+PIR™ Series - 1

"applied Solar and Wind Ehergy- GALAXXI+PIR™ Series XUNZEL Outdoor Ultra-Low Voltage I2/24V DC LED Flood Light with Integrated Motion Sensor Product Overview ■ Special DC LED. New Super-Bright COB LED Technology ■ I2/24V DC Automatic detection. Especially designed for 12V and SULV. Safety Ultra-Low Voltage ■ With integrated PIR Motion Sensor (10m - 120°). TIME (10s - ■ With 3m cable with Waterproof IP44 & UV Protection connector. Plug & Play ■ For both Outdoor & Indoor use ■ Light Colon 5000°K Natural White LED Light ■ Long life LED. Up to 50.000h: > 15.000 ON/OFF ■ Compact & Robust Design. Aluminum housing ■ Ideal for Off-Grid and Off-Shore Solar and Wind Systems: agricultural, marine, caravan, security and general accesses. noticeboards. gardens, entertainment areas, driveways, parking, ■ Ultra-Low Voltage I2/24V DC LED Flood Light with integrated ■ 3m cable with waterproof IP44 connector ■ Mounting support and screws Available Models GARDEN HOME CARAVAN MARINE Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications 6 2016-2017 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained In this document is subject t

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