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COMFORT & SECURITY TTERIES INCLUDED GARDEN HOME CARAVAN MARINE Series -XUNZEL XUNZEL Automatic Outdoor Security Wirefree LED Product Overview ■ Automatic LED light with motion sensor ■ With adjustable PIR Motion Sensor. Detection distance and ■ New Super Bright LED Technology ■ Easy. Fast & Safe Installation ■ Wirefree. No main power required. No cables. Batteries ■ Fully weather resistant ■ Made with high resistance ABS plastic with UV protection for added durability ■ LED Flood Light with PIR Motion Sensor integrated (8m - 120° / ■ Adjustable Sensor Sensitivity ((£—#) and On-time (10s — Imin). Available colors: ARTIK - white GROEND - green MOTION SENSOR TIME ADJUST LIGHT ADJUST TOTAL CONTROL Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications © 2016-2017 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained In this document is sub

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