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DC converter. It converts a 24 VDC input It converts a 24 VDC input into a 12 VDC @ 20A Product Overview DCDC20 converter produces an output of 12 VDC from a 24 VDC battery bank. It is really useful for installations of 24V battery banks, as your 12 VDC equipment and devices can be powered. In order to avoid the most common problems, the converter is equipped with multiple protections, such as. overloading protection, overheating protection, etc Furthermore, it also is provided with diode reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity protection for the output and output short circuit Available Model Output Power (continuous) 20 A Output Power (maximum) 30 A Diode Reverse Polarity Protection Reverse Polarity Protection for the output Output Short Circuit Protection Overloading Protection Tips for Installation and Operation ■ Mount in a cold, dry and well-ventilated area. • It is recommendable attaching the unit. The slot and screws are prepared to make the installation easier Initially, connect the input cables and next, connect the output It converts a 24 VDC input into a 12 VDC Industry Leading Technology for Off-Grid, Off-Shore and Backup Power Applications Cl 2014-2015 Copyright Xunzel. Information contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

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