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PREFACE Congratulations on your new Finnish XO boat! We want to thank you for choosing XO and we hope you enjoy the time you spend aboard. The purpose of this manual is to help you operate your boat with safety and pleasure. The manual contains the details of the boat and the associated or installed equipment and systems, as well as information on its operation and maintenance. Please read the manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the boat before using it. Naturally, you cannot learn the skills of seamanship and safe boating by reading a User Manual. If this XO is your first boat,...

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*Optional equipment

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*Optional equipment

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NOTE! Never exceed the maximum recommended load when loading your boat. Always load up the boat carefully and distribute the load properly so that the designed waterline is maintained (approximately on an even keel). Avoid placing heavy weight in a high position. The maximum rated engine power for XO 270 RS Cabin OB is 2 x 184 kW (500 hp). When starting the engine, check that the cooling water flows properly and make sure that the gear is in the neutral position. If the engine starts when the gear is not in neutral, contact your nearest service centre. 3.2.5 DRAINING SYSTEMS The XO boat...

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*Optional equipment

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*Optional equipment

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*Optional equipment

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Same of the boat’s devices are supplied with direct supply switches. The switches are presented in figure 7. Direct supply switches are intended for such equipment that need current when main switches are turned off. The switches (1-4) are equipped with an automatic fuse and power switch features. The fuses 5-7 are not equipped with a power switch feature. Switches 1-4 can be turned off, if the devices that get their power from through those switches are not in operation. Fuses 5-7 are meant for devices that constantly need power, so they are not allowed to be switched off. WARNING! Turning...

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Main switch panel Direct supply switches 0 Fresh water pump* 0 Septic crusher 0 Extra 0 Refrigerator 0 Heater* 0 Bilge pump o Radio memory 0 Septic crusher switch Q Start battery main switch © Service battery main switch Fuses 0 Headlights © Horn/windscreen washer © Wiper STB 0 Wiper Port 0 Map light 0 Extra © Cabin lights © Deck lights © Search light*/bow light 0 Extra 0 CD player 0 12 V outputs © Trim tabs 0 Navigate equipment ^ VHF*

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*Optional equipment

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WARNING! □ o not leave the shore power cable hanging down in the water. The cable may form an electric field in the water, and thus cause serious injury or death to any swimmers nearby.

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adjust the trim, also refer to the engine manufacturer's instructions. HANDLING CHARASTERISTICS □ RIVING AT HIGH SPEED WARNING! □ onotusetheboatifithasanengine with a higher power rating than that indicated on the builder's plate. Use the engine's electro-hydraulic power trim feature as follows: When you are lifting the boat to plane, adjust the trim to the 'bow down’ position. Once the boat is on plane and if the waves are small, lift the bow until the boat starts to porpoise, the propeller oses grip or the engine reaches the upper limit of its normal adjustment range. Then lower the bow...

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6.2.3 VISIBILITY FROM THE STEERING POSITION Driving in beautiful and calm weather is easy once you ensure proper visibility which also complies with the rules of COLREG. Always ensure that visibility from the steering position is as good as possible: • Position the passengers so that they do not impair the helmsman's visibility • Do not drive continuously at planning threshold speed at which high bow rise impairs visibility • Adjust the engine power trim and possible trim tabs to set the boat position so that the rising bow does not impair visibility • Remember to keep a good lookout astern...

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6.4 ANCHORING, MOORING AND TOWING Always moor your boat carefully, even in sheltered places, because conditions can change rapidly. The mooring lines should be equipped with appropriate absorbers to dampen shocks. For the location of fastening points, see Figure 12. Do not use other boat components for fastening, towing or anchoring. Use sufficiently large fenders to protect the boat from chafing. The eye on the stem is only designed for docking on a slipway or for fastening the boat to a trailer. It is not to be subjected to lateral forces present when, for example, the boat is secured to...

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*Optional equipment

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WATER SYSTEM The boat may be equipped with a fresh water system*. The fresh water system censists of a fresh water tank (1), and the taps of pentry (6) and toilet, (see Figure 22). The fresh water tank is filled directly into the tank. If the system is used, the fresh water pump must be switched on. The switch of the pump is located in the main switch panel. Make sure to check the filter of the pump at regular intervals. The boat is equipped with two aluminium fuel tanks. The fuel system includes fittings, fuel tanks, an oil container (□) (in case it is a two-stroke boat) and a fuel filters...

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The location of the tanks is shown in figure 14. The forward fuel tank can be reached through a hatch under the salon door. The tank at the aft can be reached through the hatch in the locker that is in the Port side of the open space. The fuel system of the engine is equipped with fuel taps. Always make sure that the taps are open when using the engine. Boats that are equipped with an outboard motor have a diesel tank for the heater. The tank is filled through a fitting in the Port side rear corner of the forward deck (22). The tank can be reached through the maintenance hatch of the toilet.

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*Optional equipment

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The boat is made walk-through. The bow hatch can be opened with the fallowing instructions: 1. Open the doorknobs (C) of the windscreen and push the top of the door outward. 2. Pull the metal slip (arrow A) from the rear edge of the hatch, 3. Grab the handle and lift the stairs to the upper position. Make sure that the fastening bolt of the stairs (arrow B) is locked into the right position. Now the hatch can be used for moving between the cabin and the forward deck. The hatch is closed in reverse order The bow hatch must be closed while driving, because an open hatch may detach from its...

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