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*Optional equipment

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WARRANTY This boat and the equipment installed by the boat builder are covered by a warranty as specified in detail in the enclosed warranty clause. The engine, trim tabs, compass, any navigation devices and ether retrofitted devices are subject to any warranty of their respective manufacturers. Separate warranty cards for these devices and appropriate supplier information are included as an attachment. For other warranty issues, please contact your XC dealer indicated on the front cover. 2.2.3 TRAINING There is a lot of boating literature available, and a great deal of beneficial and...

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3 BOAT CHARASTERISTICS This User Manual is net intended to be a comprehensive maintenance guide or repair manual. Instead, the purpose is to help you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of your new boat and show you how to use it properly. PRINCIPAL BOAT DATA INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Boattype: XO 270 RS Cabin OB Design category: C (inshore) Maximum recommended load: 1140 kg See also Section 3.2.3 ‘Load capacity’ Category A: This boat is designed for conditions in which the wind force can exceed 8 on the Beaufort scale and the significant wave height may exceed 4 m. (see...

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3.2 MAIN DIMENSIONS AND CAPACITY: The length, beam, draught, total weight, etc,, and fuel tank capacity ef the boat are described in Appendix 1 Technical specifications’. Part cf the above information is indicated on the builder’s plate (1) attached to the boat in the vicinity of the helm station. More detailed information is given in the appropriate sect ions of this manual. Please note that, for example, the maximum load capacity indicated on the builder's plate does not include fuel, but the fuel is included in the maximum recommended load specified by the manufacturer. 3.2.2 MAXIMUM...

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*Optional equipment

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BILGE PUMPS AND DRAINAGE WARNING! The location of draining devices is shown in Figure 4. The bilge pumps are positioned as close to the bottom plate as is practically possible. Despite this, it is completely normal that a small amount of water remains in them bilge so that it cannot be discharged by the bilge pump. XD 270 RS Cabin DB is equipped with an automatic, electric bilge pump. It discharges water accumulated in the bilge when the level sensor detects water. The automatic pump has a direct supply switch, so the pump can be used even if the main switch would be off. The pump can also...

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Figure 2. Seating, maximum numbers of persons allowed Figure 3. Drain holes

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ENGINES AND FUEL SYSTEMS The XO 270 RS Cabin OB is equipped with two fixed fuel tanks, which are located underthe aft deck. Shut down the engine before refuelling. □ o net smeke or use a naked flame. Co net use any electrical devices. The fuel fillers are located under the STB side hatch of the aft deck. To prevent fuel from getting in the bilge in case of overfill, lift the spare fuel tank cut of the beat for refuelling. When you refuel in a fuel station, do not use a plastic funnel that will prevent discharge of static electricity between the pump nozzles and fill fitting. After filling...

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Your craft is equipped with the 12V electrical direct current (DC) system. The 12-Volt DC-electrical system consists of engine driven alternators, batteries and equipment. The power supply happens from charger or alternator via diodes for batteries. Most equipment of the craft uses the 12 V system. 12V equipment is working only when a main switch and a switch in the Main switch panel is switched on. Damaged equipment must be maintained before taking back to use. The boat's wiring diagram is shown in Appendix 4. The main switch is located on the starboard side, behind the helm station. When...

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Same of the boat’s devices are supplied with direct supply switches. The switches are presented in figure 7. Direct supply switches are intended for such equipment that need current when main switches are turned off. The switches (1-4) are equipped with an automatic fuse and power switch features. The fuses 5-7 are not equipped with a power switch feature. Switches 1-4 can be turned off, if the devices that get their power from through those switches are not in operation. Fuses 5-7 are meant for devices that constantly need power, so they are not allowed to be switched off. WARNING! I...

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MAIN SWITCHES Main switches control the different power circuits in the craft. When the power circuit is connected on, the switch background colour is green and marking ON visible and when the circuit is connected off, the switch background colour is red and marking OFF visible. Fewer supply for engines is switched en by turning the Engine switch (B) to ON position. Power supply for equipment of the craft is switched en by turning the Aux switch (C) te ON position. When leaving the craft for a longer period of time, please switch off the power from the main switches but, if needed, leave...

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*Optional equipment

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Q Switch panel Q Chart plotter ^ Compass Q Maplight @ Engine control screen”* Q RPM gauge”” Q Switch panel Q Trim tabs control panel Q Bow thruster control panel © Engine starting panel1 ^ Engine remotecontrol"” © Engine gauges1 © Heater control panel* <D 230 V socket 12 V output Main switch panel Depening manufacturer of the engine

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Horn Driving light Deck light Search light* STB windscreen wiper Windscreen washer Bilgepump manual use Aux Port windscreen wiper 6.2.2 NAVIGATION Learn and obey the rules of navigation on waterways, and also familiarize yourself with the rules known as COLREGs (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea) that you must follow at all times. According to the rules, every vessel must maintain a proper look-out and obey the giveway provisions at all times. Navigate carefully and use new or updated nautical charts. Always adjust your speed in relation to the prevailing conditions...

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