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competent and fit crew in a well-maintained boat. This User Manual is not a detailed maintenance or troubleshooting guide. If a problem occurs, please contact your XO dealer. If a repair is required, use only the companies recommended by your XO dealer. Congratulations on your new Finnish XO boat! We want to thank you KEEP THIS MANUAL IN A SAFE PLACE AND HAND IT OVER TO for choosing XO and we hope you enjoy the time you spend aboard. THE NEXT OWNER IF YOU SELL THIS BOAT. The purpose of this manual is to help you operate your boat with safety and pleasure. The manual contains the details of...

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1 BEFORE DEPARTURE 2 GENERAL 3 WARRANTY 4 BEFORE USING YOUR BOAT 5.10 Safe operation - other recommendations and information 24 5.10.1 Protection from falling overboard and means of 24 re boarding 5.10.2 Securing loose equipment 24 5.10.4 Anchoring, mooring and towing 26 6 Service, repairs and winter storage 29 7.2. Installing optional equipment 30 APPENDIX 1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 32 APPENDIX 2 XO 240 RS CABIN - GENERAL LAYOUT 34 APPENDIX 3 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 35 APPENDIX 4 WIRING DIAGRAM 36 4.3 Training 5 BOAT CHARACTERISTICS AND OPERATION 5.2 Principal boat...

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BOAT MODEL: XO 240 RS CABIN Craft Identification Number - CIN: Engine make and model: Engine serial number:

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Read this User Manual carefully. Before each departure, check at least the following: Weather and weather forecast Take the wind, waves and visibility into account. Is your boat's design category, size and equipment, as well as the skills of the helmsman and crew adequate for the waters you are about to boat? Load capacity Do not overload the boat and always distribute the load properly. To avoid diminishing your boat's stability, do not place heavy items too high up. Passengers Make sure that a life jacket is available for each person on board. Before departure, agree on the tasks to be...

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The units used in this manual are in accordance with the SI system. In some cases, however, other units are added in brackets. An exception to the above is the wind force, which is expressed in the The purpose of this User Manual is to help you familiarise yourself Beaufort scale in the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). with the characteristics of your new boat. Separate manuals for the equipment installed on the boat are attached and also referred to in a number of sections of this manual. Naturally, you can complement this manual with manuals of any device installed later on. There is...

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3 WARRANT Y This boat and the equipment installed by the boatbuilder are 4 BEFORE USING YOUR BOAT 4.1 REGISTRATION covered by a warranty as specified in detail below. The engine, trim tabs, compass, any navigation devices and other ret- In many countries, even a small motor boat must be registered. Con- rofitted devices are subject to any warranty of their respec- tact the local authorities for the registration requirements in your tive manufacturers. Separate warranty cards for these devi- country. To drive a registered boat, one must usually meet the requi- ces and appropriate supplier...

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XO 240 Cabin - 13

5 BOAT CHARACTERISTICS AND OPERATION height may occasionally be experienced. Main dimensions and capacity: The length, beam, draught, total weight, etc., and fuel tank capacity of the boat are described in Appendix 1 ‘Technical specifications’. This User Manual is not intended to be a comprehensive maintenance guide or repair manual. Instead, the pur- Builder's plate: pose is to help you familiarise yourself with the characteris- Part of the above information is indicated on the builder's plate tics of your new boat and show you how to use it properly. attached to the boat in the vicinity of...

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The maximum recommended load for XO 240 RS Cabin is 915 kg. 5.6.1 Openings in the hull and deck An adult's weight is taken to be 75 kg and a child's 37.5 kg. The maxi- The XO boats are not equipped with plugs for draining the deck, but mum recommended total weight of the persons on board is 600 kg. the drain pipes are fitted with shut-off valves. See the general layout In addition to the maximum recommended weight of persons men- of XO 240 RS Cabin (Appendix 2). XO 240 RS Cabin has four drain tioned above, the boat can be loaded with the following: 25 kg of holes located on the deck from...

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Loading and seating (Figure 1)  Seat  Alternative seat (5-person seat configuration) Bilge pumps and drainage (Figure 2)  Electric bilge pump  Manual bilge pump  Bilge pump intake and intake hose  Bilge pump dischar

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5.6.3 Stability, buoyancy and flotation of water remains in the bilge so that it cannot be discharged by the The stability of your XO boat is excellent due to its hull design and bilge pump. XO 240 RS Cabin is equipped with an automatic, elec- weight distribution. However, remember that high breaking waves tric bilge pump. It discharges water accumulated in the bilge when always represent a serious danger to stability. Also note that the the level sensor detects water. The automatic pump is always in the stability of your boat will be compromised if any weight is placed in standby mode...

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the boat, and do not keep any equipment containing fuel in a place SPECIAL WARNINGS that is not specifically designed for it. At least once a year, visu- ally check the condition of the hoses through the plexiglass screen. valves or main switch 5.7.2 Fire-fighting and prevention Whenever the XO 240 RS Cabin is used, it must be equipped with fire extinguishers with a minimum fire rating of 8A 68B. The minimum any fuel vapour. Also, never fire rating for an individual fire extinguisher is 5A 34B. A hand-held fire extinguisher is located in the front section of the port seat con- an unqualified person...

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you can easily reset it by pushing down the fuse button that has popped up. The electrical system has two additional circuits, ‘Extra the boat is not equipped with a heater, a spare fuel tank can be 1’ (10 A) and ‘Extra 2’ (10 A) (wiring diagram positions F13-F14 and stored in place of the heater's tank. F17-F19). These circuits are protected with fuses and are designed for connecting retrofitted optional equipment. The wires for these circuits can be found in the switch panel. Do not replace the fuses with fuses that have higher current ratings, and do not add components to the electrical...

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