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Make The Reliable Lights

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XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.,LTD. 厦 门 朗 纳 科 工 贸 有 限 公 司 LONAKO成立于2002年,专业研发,制造和销售LED救生信号灯。我们始终坚 持“技术创新引领行业变革”的产品战略,逐步推出覆盖船用和民航两个领域全系 列的救生信号灯累计超过50个型号。所有产品设计均为原创,拥有自主知识产权 , 满足相关法律法规要求,并获得国际认证,在全世界范围内以LONAKO品牌和ODM 形式并行营销。 我们的团队秉承“专业,创新,严谨,积极,友善”的价值理念,以“做可靠的 灯”为使命,确保“用优质的产品和服务,让顾客满意,用户放心”。 未来,我们还将继续努力,不断超越自我,用“卓越绩效推动持续发展”的管理 战略,让LONAKO逐步成长为“世界救生信号灯的行业标杆”! LONAKO was established since 2002 , specialized in R & D , manufacturing and sales in the field of LED lifesaving signal lights. We insist on the product strategy of "Technological Innovation Leads The Industry Reform," and have...

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SOLAS Lifejacket Lights _____________________ solas^S^^T Water Activated Battery Lifejacket Light ----- Aviation Survivor Locator Light --------------- ATEX Intinsically Safe Lights _____________ Liferaft Lights ________________________________ Morse Signal Torch -------------------------- MSrfBW&w Navigation Safety Light ----------- I Powerful LED Underwater Light & Fishing Light Diving Torch _________________________________

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LIFEJACKET LIGHTS LNK-LJ^J&£:&CTSKg£^MSC81(70)fe«®itttM®ft£— Wo rnanffiffl«» §Mf4g±^lM^JtLED«Sit, *o rn^M^Jtffii^fefPSiEsoLASf*;£gSo LNK-LJ series lifejacket lights are Lonako first generation lifejacket lights which are designed according to the MSC.81(70) standards as amended.The products are designed with Lithium battery and Lonako patented high brightness LED light source. They fit all kinds of life jackets, both light intensity and working time are far exceeding the SOLAS requirements. FLASHING MODEL

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LonakoLIFEJACKET LIGHTS LNK-SL series lifejacket lights are Lonako second generation lifejacket lights adopted with more stable Alkaline batteries and LED light source.The products meet the MSC.81 (70) standards as amended . They fit all kinds of life jackets, both light intensity and working time are far exceed the SOLAS requirements. FLASHING MODEL

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WATER ACTIVATED BATTERY LIFEJACKET LIGHT 水启动电池救生衣灯 朗纳科LNK-ML18水启动电池救生衣灯是采用朗纳科拥有自主发明专利的水启动电池芯 和高亮LED设计的全新一代救生衣信号指示灯。产品符合 USCG161.012标准,适用于 各种形式的救生衣。产品具备寿命长,储运安全、环保-反应物无毒无害,无需回收等优 势,是朗纳科又一次技术创新的成果。 Lonako LNK-ML18 water activated battery life jacket light is a new generation of lifejacket signal indicator light designed with Lonako patented water-activated battery and high efficient LED. The product meets the USCG 161.012 standards and fits all kinds of life jackets. It has advantages such as: longer shelf life,safety for storage and shipping, non-toxic, no harmfull reactants, convenient...

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AVIATION SURVIVOR LOCATOR LIGHT LNK-AL15 survivor locator light is a reserve battery-powered emergency light . When the survivor locator light contacts water, it will be automatic activated and 8 hours, which can uninterruptedly indicate the survivor’s location to increase the success rate of rescue. Steady white light 常亮白光 ACTIVATION 启动方式 ACTIVATION TIME 启动

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LIFEBUOY LIGHTS Lonako LED lifebuoy indicator lights are designed according to the MSC.81(70) standard as amended. The products have lithium battery type and replaceable alkaline battery type for selection. The light is packed with a clip and rope for installation.

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LNK-LSL-3A &W ATEX intrinsically safe Lifejacket lights are designed for hazardous applications. The products are approved by ATEX and MED, ATEX grade is (II 2 G Ex ia IIC T3 Gb). They are the highest ATEX grade lifejacket lights in the market, which are suitable for hazardous Zone 1 and 2.

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ATEX LIFEBUOY LIGHTLNK-LB-03B ATEXPM££H*T^++^#¥£.;fi&®ttPnnn£^SttSMB® *&MIiSi+Wi££HfS^T,,i£PqnqM;a7ATEX.IECEx fflMED.USCGiAffi,Sffi ?0K.1Kffl2Kg*^g. LNK-LB-03B ATEX intrinsically safe Lifebuoy Light was designed for hazardous applications such as Marine drill platform,Oil tanks etc. The product was approved by ATEX. lECEx and MED.USCG, suitable for hazardous Zone 0, 1 and 2.

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L® ONAKO LIFERAFT LIGHTS LNK-LR series liferaft lights are safety indicator lights designed for marine liferafts. The products completely meet the MSC.81 (70) standard as amended. The lights will automatically turn on when the liferaft inflated under emergency.The products have excellent performace even at low temperature.

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LN K-WET-02sIfff§^7^*^£ISO18813:2006f*;£;RSOLASfg^gS , LNK-WET-02 morse signal torch fully meet ISO18813:2006 standards and SOLAS requirements, It has obtained relevant certification. The torch has two functions: sending morse signal code and illuminating. It's package contains a spared LED and alkaline battery, it is an ideal safety rescue equipment equipped with liferaft ,lifeboat etc.

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NAVIGATION SAFETY LIGHT LONAKO航行安全灯可以用作航行灯、锚灯、障碍灯、示位灯、故障灯、SOS求救信 号灯和应急照明设备,最大限度地满足船只在各种条件下对灯的需求。它不仅可以外接 DC 8~33V外接电源,还自带太阳能和风能充电系统及内置锂电池。可被广泛地应用到 长度小于20m的各种船只,游艇,渔船等等。 LONAKO navigation safety light can be used as standard navigation light, anchor light, obstacle light, indicating-position light, trouble indicating light, SOS signal light and emergency light equipment etc. It has a DC 8~33V input wire to supply power and a built-in lithium battery which could be recharged by Solar and Wind power. It fits for various small ships (L< 20meters), such as yachts, fish boats etc. 10 LNK-NS-1T...

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LED POSITIONING LIGHTS LED^fW , *OT*Btt£rt LONAKO LED positioning lights serie products were suitable to be installed on any object requiring position indicating. The built-in lithium batteries can be recharged by Solar power. It has a internal light-sensitive system which is able to controll the light automatically turn the flashing status on at night and turn off at daytime. It also has manual switch and wireless remote controller to switch diffirent functions according to the requirements of situations and weather. The lights are especially suitable for the region with ample sunshine.

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LED UNDERWATER LIGHT & FISHING LIGHT LED 水下照明灯 & 水下集鱼灯 朗纳科水下灯系列产品是公司自主研发的超大功率LED工业级水下灯具。其LED功率高 达1800W,防水等级IP68,防水深度可达100米。产品具有亮度高,辐射小,耗能低的 特点。根据不同客户需求可做成白光--用于海底打捞、采集、勘探或考古等活动的深水 照明;蓝光--用于专业的工业级大型渔船水下集鱼,替代传统金卤灯。 Lonako underwater lights are self-developed large power LED industrial grade underwater equipments. It is up to 1800W, IP68 and waterproof depth is up to 100 meters. Depending on the customer's needs, it can be made into white light large-scale fishing vessels to replace traditional halogen fish attracting lamps. Deep sea illuminating 深水照明 Industrial grade fishing 工业

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