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L/b> XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD WTel: 0592-5689172 Fax:0592-5689173 Web: www.lonako.com ONAKO Add: N307, Weiye Building, China Pioneering Park, Xiamen361009, Fujian, China

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XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. 1. Description LNK-DT1 diving torch which is controlled by three separated magnetic switch is a professional diving equipment designed for deep-sea operators and divers. It adopts double-layer LED layout having different functions with adjustable luminous intensity : strong light in the center used for searchlight over long distance underwater; weak light in all round used for the photographing light at short range underwater; SOS signals used for the emergency light underwater. Inbuilt multi rechargeable lithium batteries, not only can guarantee the...

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XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. 4. Installation and Operation Guide 4.1 Installation (1) There is no need to install the diving torch on other devices because itself is a stand-alone handheld device. Users can choose suitable bandage to fix it on the arm according to diving needs. (2) The LNK-DT1 diving torch has provided the installation position for the underwater camera. Users can select the appropriate camera equipment according to needs and install it with M5 screws and matching nuts. 4.2 Operation (1) In order to guarantee transportation safety, the LNK-DT1 diving torch...

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XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. function may be abnormal, and it cannot be used for diving. In order to avoid accidents, it is necessary to charge the battery before using it. (4) The torch can be used as mobile power source to charge the mobile phone, camera or other small electronic devices for a short time in the condition of sufficient electricity. The charging time and efficiency will be different based on the different power of equipment. (5) If the product function is invalid for self-protection caused by short time operation outside of water or frequent use of button, users...

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XIAMEN LONAKO INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD. 7. Maintenance LNK-DT1 diving torch is free of maintenance just follow the requirements of installation, operation and protection, but attention should be given to the following requirements: (1) If the diving torch is damaged, cracked or appears water seepage in the process of using, please stop using immediately and the torch shall be scrapped. (2) If the diving torch is normal but can't be operated, please check the battery for electricity. In the condition of normal power indication, press the RESET switch and then proceed operation. If it is...

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