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Smart choice for power xantrexNew & Replacement AC Power Solution Guide Inverters Inverter/Chargers Battery Chargers Accessories Backup Power

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REPLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Offer the new generation Freedom SW. There's no extra labor cost! Next time when you see a coach with an old inverter/charger*, for example the Freedom 458 or Magnum ME or MS, in for inverter replacement, upgrade to the Freedom SW, the best AC power solution in the market. Equipped with advanced features, the Freedom SW offers a versatile & bankable solution for the coach's AC power and battery charging needs. Extremely easy changeover, no need to replace cables**, drops into the same location. *Freedom 458, RV series, Trace SW, Magnum & most Dimensions & Tripp...

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REPLACEMENT OPPORTUNITIES Old inverter/charger replacement chartUpgrading a Xantrex Freedom 458 or RS Series or swapping out a Magnum ME or MS series inverter/charger with full featured Freedom SW is exceptionally easy and cost-effective; drop-in replacement, no cable changes, no extra labor charges. Use the Freedom SW Telephone to Network Cable Adapter (part# 808-9010) for quick and easy replacement! Engine Start Battery Automatic Generator System Control Start (AGS) Panel (SCP) Washer & Dryer Water Heater AC Main Freedom Sequence Panel Power Manager Connect additional AC load •LinkPRO...

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UPGRADE OPPORTUNITIES Broken converter? Offer a more robust and reliable AC power solution Converters as standalone unit have a limited life span, they over charge batteries and most RVers go through a few converters during the lifetime ownership of their RV. While cheap, standalone converters are not a good option - no AC power and substandard charging! Next time you see an RV with a broken converter, upgrade to a complete electrical system. Its easy with Xantrex, the converter is built right in! FREEDOM HFS » True sine wave version of the Freedom HF Inverter/charger with new features »...

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BONUS SALES OPPORTUNITIES Offer your clients the freedom to run a residential fridge and the latest electronics Most towables and class B and C RV's are not equipped with an inverter from the manufacturer and almost all end up having one within 5 years. The built-in converter powers DC loads but what about AC power for TV, Blender, Coffee Maker, Induction Cooktop or Residential Fridge? Offer the sale and installation of a Xantrex inverter which your customers will very much appreciate and at the same time present a revenue opportunity for your parts and service departments. PROwatt SW »...

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Are RVers and homeowners prepared when the power goes out? BACKUP POWER SOLUTIONS Xantrex offers two versatile back-power solutions. While the portable PowerPack 1500 is geared towards enhancing your camping and outdoor fun experience, the PowerHub 1800 is an ideal solution for back-up power as well as primary power solution in areas with no power. » rimary power solution for an off-grid cottage/cabin or P backup power for grid-connected homes during power outages » Integrated AC transfer switch allows for pass-through generator output or generator charging of the batteries » lean, green,...

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