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10 good reasons to choose winner Superior Craftsmanship: Winner have been dominating world competition for years, our people are, by far, the most experienced Optimist buil- ders in the World. We have committed ourselves to keeping these master craftsmen right here at Winner by providing the best working environment possible. Each of our craftsman is a wealth of experience and expertise. Winner builds only one type of boat, the Optimist, and we are totally committed to creating the most perfect Optimist pos- sible. We build more Optimists than any other builder in the World, which gives us the experience to build them better. Our factory and our people are not diluted by other projects, we are singularly focused on one goal: the perfect Optimist The people building your Optimist have been doing exactly that for more than 25 years, longer than anyone else. Your local dealer was chosen to represent Winner only after they had demonstrated that they are the most experienced, most qualified performance sailboat shop in your area. At Winner, we don't cut corners, ever. We could use less ex- pensive blocks, but we use only the finest names in the indu- stry. From raw materials to factory systems to hardware, we only use the best, no exceptions. Controlled Construction: Winner Optimists are built in the most controlled environment possible. Because fibreglass boats start life as rolls of cloth and barrels of chemicals, the right climate is critical. Any fluc- tuations in temperature or humidity have startling effects on the chemical processes that transform buckets of resin and drops of catalyst into the structural components of boats. Eliminate the question mark: We've earned our long standing reputation for quality and performance by ensuring that every boat is built to the same exacting standards. We can achieve truly consistent results because we've engineered every aspect of the Optimist and we have the only temperature and humidity controlled Opti- mist factory in the world. When you buy a Winner, you'll never have to question if you got a "good boat" or not, every Win- ner is a great boat. No other manufacturer can promise that level of perfection and consistency. Every time you sail onto the course, you can be positive that you have the best equip- ment. Period. Manufacturer Support: We're always here to answer your questions and give advice. We are youth sailing experts and we can help you make the right decision on equipment, which regattas to attend and how to get more out of you boats, coaching and sailing pro- gram. That support is mirrored at the local level by the fin- est small sailboat dealers in the world, your local dealer was chosen because they are the very best youth sailing resource Regatta Support: At the National and International level, you'll find Winner at all major Optimist regattas. We're available to help you with any problems you might have and to help ensure you're regatta experience is easy and hassle free. Plus, we have charters available at most events, which means you can race the boat ■ you practice in, even if you can't make the drive. Winner is the choice of Champions: No boat in the world have won more titles then Winner ! 16 World Championships and 18 European Championships just to name a few. The best sailors in the world leave nothing to chance, they use only the very best equipment from the best suppliers. The Winner Optimist is, unquestionably, the choice of National and International champions. Your equip- ment is the one aspect of racing you control completely, give ' ^ No Optimist lasts longer or holds it's value better than a WINNER. After a year or 10 years, a WINNER will look and perform better than the competitors. We offer as the only Optimist builder in the world 5 years guarantee on our boats. Your local dealer:

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TATA\ DenMark RACE We have upgraded the most selling Optimist in the world! DenMark RACE Through our obsession with details and strong focus on quality we have engineered the #1 optimist in the world for the last 40 years. Our philosophy is: The best materials and the best craftsmanship generate the best boat! This creates a more costly boat, but less maintenance and better durability makes sure that the superior sailing performance is retained throughout the boat's lifetime. This assures a longer life span - and thereby making Winner an inexpensive boat in the longer term. For instance, we...

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