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Fine Kayak and Canoe Sails — WindPaddle Sails

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Hello from WindPaddle Sails. Our sails are sold world-wide and used in all types of water and wind conditions. Because of their light weight, simplicity, ease and speed of launching and efficient design they have be- come the best-selling kayak and canoe sail the world over. Our background is with sail- boats and sailing dinghies, and being from Hood River, Ore. we know wind. We know a good breeze can be. We also know how things can turn bad when everything doesn't go as planned when sailing. With this in mind we designed a sail that was 1) Quick and easy to de- ploy, and 2) Even quicker...

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WindPaddle "Scout" level sail to be used winds. Solo kayak- We built this sail with a soft batten that holds sail shape, yet is pliable enough that it almost coils/folds itself!. For an entry level sail that will pull you quickly downwind yet easy enough for kids 8-80 to han- Target boat - Solo ree. boat to Touring kayak, SOT 8 Target wind range - 4 to 13 knots Target paddler - novice to intermediate Off-wind sailing envelope - approx. 150 degrees Tech corner: Scout

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Our BEST SELLING sail intended for the serious sea-kayaker. This is the sail for expeditions on big water and will be pulling hard long after you are ready to head to shore. The "Adventure" will withstand any condition you throw at it. The sturdy and unbreakable perimeter batten maintains sail shape in high winds and allows for high sailing All WindPaddle sails launch and fly from the on-deck position. It can be set up for instant self-launching either before sailing or while out on the water so there's no need to return to shore to launch your sail! Target boat - Touring and Target wind...

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The most powerful sail in our lineup, the "Cruiser" is intended for larger, heavier boats that need and can handle more power from the has the power to pull along heavier boats loaded with gear or people. This sail retains its shape in high winds and doesn't turn a kayak or canoe into a com- plex, heavy sailing craft. deck position. You can swap the sail from boat to boat while out on the water! The sail Instantly self-launches from its snug place on the boat, so there's never a need to return to shore to rig or launch this Target boat - Kayaks, Canoes, Inflatables, Tandems and Expe- Target...

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Colors: -Red -Blue -Yellow -Lime Green -Florescent Orange Coils and stows compactly on deck

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WindPaddle sails are successful in the world wide market be- cause of their light weight, simplicity, ease and speed of deploy- ment, and efficient design. The WindPaddle was designed to be an off-the-wind sail that easily propels your boat within a 180 degree envelope, achiev- ing full paddling or "hull" speed. You CAN paddle, brace and steer while sailing with all WindPaddle sails We offer three sail models • Scout—for Recreational boats • Adventure—for Touring, Sea and Expedition Kayaks • Cruiser—Tandem kayaks, Canoes and Inflatables "[The] WindPaddle Adventure model is a 9 out of 10 for...

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WindPaddle Sails

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