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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 2

Hello from WindPaddle Sails and Shades. Our sails are sold world-wide and used in all types of water and wind conditions. Because of their light weight, simplicity, ease and speed of launching and efficient design they have become the bestselling kayak and canoe sail the world over. Our sails perform well because they help a kayak or canoe do what they are best designed to do. Basically remain a paddle craft while sailing off-the-wind without any alteration to your boat. As stated in a recent product review; “You can use it on any craft and it doesn’t turn a kayak or canoe into a complex,...

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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 3

“SCOUT” Our newest sail, the WindPaddle “Scout” was added to our line-up as an entry level sail to be used in low-medium winds. Solo kayakers will appreciate its ease of use, lightweight and large window. Built for the casual or recreational paddler in mind, the “Scout” is the lightest, most affordable and easiest to use sail currently on the market. Target boat – Solo rec. boat to Touring kayak, SOT 8 – 15 feet. Target wind range – 4 to 13 knots Target paddler – novice to intermediate Off-wind sailing envelope – approx. 150 degrees Tech corner: Scout Deployed diameter - 42" (106.7 cm.)...

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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 4

The WindPaddle Adventure has always been the go-to sail for high winds, expeditions and demanding large water or off-shore conditions. Responding to the desire of paddlers for an even better performing sail, we’ve upgraded the Adventure for better sailing and more power. - 25% larger (grown from 42” diameter to 47” dia., 16” coiled/stowed) - 14 oz. - Shallower profile for better across-the-wind sailing and sail stability - 12 sq. ft. of sail area. - Stiffer batten for better sail shape. - Softer, bigger sheets/lines for more sailing/hand comfort. - $149.95 MSRP Target boat – Touring and...

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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 5

“CRUISER” The most powerful sail in our lineup, the “Cruiser” is intended for larger, heavier boats that need and can handle more power from the wind. At a bit over 1.5 m² the WindPaddle “Cruiser” has the power to pull along heavier boats loaded with gear or people. This sail retains its shape in high winds and doesn’t turn a kayak or canoe into a complex, heavy sailing craft. All WindPaddle sails launch and fly from the on-deck position. You can swap the sail from boat to boat while out on the water! The sail Instantly self-launches from its snug place on the boat, so there's never a need...

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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 6

Colors: -Red -Blue -Yellow

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WindPaddle Sails Ebook 2016 - 7

Enjoy the elements on your terms. The Sun Shade is a lightweight, universal canopy for kayaks, canoes and inflatables, and offers both shade and rain shelter for all paddlers while allowing unrestricted movement for paddling, bracing and fishing. Removable while out on the water. ($119.95 Blue or Gold). Weight - 2.3 lbs

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WindPaddle Sails and Shades P.O. Box 1391 Hood River, Ore. 97031 USA

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