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Welcome to WindPaddle. As we continue to grow and add more products, we strive to make ordering and working with us easier and to help you sell better. New for the 2016 WindPaddle product line are the following:     “Release-Right” Floating fish landing/holding net Sun Shade, size Medium Adventure sail—New Size and Profile Sail attachment kit for Hobie MirageDrive boats Warranty— All WindPaddle products carry a full lifetime warranty. Our factory handles all warranty issues. Orders - All orders can be sent to or call us at +1 (541) 490-9112 Marketing and...

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Innovative - Durable - Lightweight WindPaddle thinks differently, believing in innovation. We make accessories for the paddle sports industry, all with a lifetime warranty. Starting with the original WindPaddle “Adventure” sail in 2008, we created a new product genre; folding/coiling sails for kayaks and canoes. Today we do that again with the floating fish net. Sails -Scout: For smaller, lighter weight boats and entry-level paddlers. -Adventure: For advanced paddlers, heavier or more stable boats and packrafts. Our best seller! -Cruiser: Canoes, tandems or boats that want more power....

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Kayaks, Canoes, SOT’s, Inflatables, Packrafts The WindPaddle sail requires no modifications to your boat. It clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware, launches instantly, and stows in a small tight coil. “Adventure” - Updated and our best seller! Best multi-purpose sail if you have many different boats.  Larger 47” diameter sail  Best for boats 12 - 18’ long and all SOT’s  Shallow draft cut for high sailing angles  Weighs 16 oz.  $149.95 msrp “Scout” - Our most affordable sail.  42” diameter, weighs 4 oz.  Good for smaller 9 - 12’ kayaks and SOT’s  Great...

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Kayaks, Canoes, SOT’s, Inflatables The WindPaddle Sun Shade is a flexible shade that connects to your boat using existing loops, lines, eye-pads and other hardware already on your boat. Features: -Light weight -Removable while out on the water -Coils and stows in a small package -Connects to all paddle craft in minutes Sun Shade Large: Best fitted to wide boats like fishing kayaks, SOT’s and canoes. Sun Shade Data: Weight - 2 lbs. Size – Approx 12 sq. ft. Good in winds to 7 knots. Stowed size – 24”x 2” diameter round package. Price - $139.95 msrp Sun Shade Medium: Fits on most any boat from...

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WindPaddle has taken their technology to the kayak fishing market! Introducing the New “Release-Right” floating fish holding/landing net. A quick release, hands free fish net that floats! (patent pending) Size: 29” open, 11” coiled/closed Weight: 12 oz. Cost: $59.95 msrp The WindPaddle “Release-Right” is a big 29” net, yet comes stowed in a coiled 3-ring shape only 11” wide and at only 12 ounces, you can store it almost anywhere. Deploy the net by simply tossing it out over the water next to your boat and Voila! opens and lands floating with a 24” deep holding well to keep your catch....

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Accessories WindPaddle offers a few accessory kits that help with sail handling. Fitting our sail to every conceivable boat out there, and every sailor sometimes takes some fine-tuning. We offer three different sail accessory kits for kayaks. These also work for inflatables! Sailing kit: This kit offers the option of being able to cleat the sail control lines to your boat. It comes with:  Two cleats (including fasteners  Longer sail control lines (called sheets)  Paddle leash (everyone should have one)  Emergency Whistle  $22.50 msrp Cleat Kit: Same as above but without the leash...

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