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Fitting & Sanding Guide: Traditional Range including Toe Rail

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Fitting & Sanding Guide: Traditional Range including Toe Rail Woodrolfe Road ■ Tollesbury ■ Essex ■ CM9 8RY ■ England Tel: +44 (0)1621 869609 ■ Fax: +44 (0)1621 868863 Email: ■ Web: ■

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Wilks is proud to be one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture and supply of impact protection and decking systems. Since 1973 we have supplied many leading boat builders with their profiles and our customer base spans the globe. We manufacture a wide range of fendering profiles for both boat and pontoon applications as well as accessories for other marine users including Dek-King®, a superb alternative to teak decking. At our premises we hold a vast stock of profiles in flexible PVC, rigid PVC, PVR, stainless steel, aluminium and rubber; but as manufacturers we can also...

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Fitting & Sanding Guide: Traditional Range including Toe Rail Fitting the Traditional Range and Toe Rail Introduction Please read these instructions fully before starting work. Should you require any clarification then please contact our Sales Team. Tools We recommend having the following tools available when fitting our Traditional Range and Toe Rail profiles: Tape measure Variable speed reversible drill Putty Knife Sealant applicator gun Drill bits (plus appropriate screwdriver bits) Coarse sandpaper between P40 and P60 Traditional profile/ Toe Rail Cord plugging MS polymer adhesive and...

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Fitting & Sanding Guide: Traditional Range including Toe Rail Instructions WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES AT ALL TIMES WHEN FITTING FENDERING. 1) If required remove existing fastenings and wood profiles, ensuring sealent/mastic or glue is also removed from the surface. Make good any areas of damage. Note: If you are replacing an existing wooden profile the fixings will normally be screwed or bolted to the super structure. 2) Drill the counterbores for the cord plugging (7.7mm for 8mm plugging and 12.7mm for 13m plugging) to a depth of approximately 10mm prior to drilling through to the pilot hole...

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Fitting & Sanding Guide: Traditional Range including Toe Rail Sanding Depending on the traditional profile chosen the finish may be supplied pre-sanded or in a factory finish. The factory finished profiles, once sanded have an attractive woodgrain effect. By Hand Profiles can be sanded by hand using a coarse sandpaper between P40 and P60. Repeat an up and down motion in the direction of the length of the profile to reveal the lifelike graining. By Machine Using a belt sander with a P40 belt, gently sand the surface using the tip of the sander along the length of the profile. Alternatively,...

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