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Dek-King Brochure 2018

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II deb-kingThe ultimate alternative to teak ft uuilks Dek-King® is manufactured under licence and covered by the following patents: EU: EP 1 196 672 South Africa: 2001/10348 China: ZL00809373.3 USA: 6,895,881 Canada: 2,377,960 South Korea: 10-0765000 Australia: 769707 Woodrolfe Road ■ Tollesbury Essex ■ CM9 8RY ■ England Tel: +44 (0)1621 869609 Fax: +44 (0)1621 868863 Email: www .d ek-kin g.eom

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deli-kingThe ultimate alternative to teak Over 40 years of British manufacturing and design expertise have been channelled into creating our range of Dek-King synthetic teak. Dek-King synthetic teak offers a superb marine decking solution, which retains the look and feel of a real teak boat deck whilst providing excellent anti-slip performance and low maintenance requirements. Dek-King is made from a UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC, which is easy to look after and doesn't lose its good looks to sunlight or the harsh conditions of the marine environment. We have carefully developed two...

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ft dek-king The ultimate alternative to teak

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deli-king” Cooler ■ Lighter ■ Greener Dek-King 2G Premium Synthetic Teak Dek-King 2G is a premium synthetic teak designed to provide the ultimate alternative to the traditional teak decking that we all know and love. With lifelike graining that differs between planks, Dek-King replicates natural timber to provide a finish almost indistinguishable from real teak. Our 2G material includes nanotechnology resulting in a deck that is 30% cooler underfoot and 32% lighter in weight than 1G synthetic teak: Dek-King 2G provides: • Superior lifelike graining • 12 premium stock colours • Increased...

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Craftsmanship Dek-King 2G synthetic teak boat decks are designed and created to your exact requirements by professional fabricators. Panels are fabricated from templates taken directly from your boat to ensure that you receive a bespoke product specifically tailored to your individual needs. Whether following traditional teak deck design elements or perhaps instead following a more simplified, modern design.

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Cooler · Lighter · Greener Dek-King 2G Premium Synthetic Colour Range Black & grey caulking Charcoal & black caulking Maple & black caulking Teak & cream caulking Black cherry & black caulking Sun bleached & black caulking Teak & black caulking Weathered & black caulking Silver & black caulking Seasoned teak & black caulking Seasoned teak & cream caulking Seasoned teak & grey caulking Please note: Dek-King 2G is designed to replicate the graining found on natural timber, therefore this effect will differ between planks. This non-uniformity is intentional and an inherent feature of the...

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^    Cooler • Lighter • Greener

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deb-king” Cooler ■ Lighter ■ Greener Premium synthetic decking with 2G technology A difference you can truly feel

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