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cM¥*t»»&ti lipnui iBii'huj *ui ui P*it pt «44firiiOfti at TlwTi ftp hum r#» porm «>*KiAbatwvn lA-t'jfii pMaUl** JU-I «SHH>1 » «» #41 KiL | ou p-f m >nii *rn« 41 HtTPHi'rB Miill# A 1919-2019. We will soon be celebrating our 100th birthday, marking a century here at Wichard. The H Wichard & Cie Company was created in the Forges De La Croix De Fer factory on the first of May 1919 by Henri Wichard and his associates. In a nod to modern times, our industrial company was founded on Labour Day itself! And a labour of love it was, transforming the Wichard Company from a cutlery...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 3

WICHARD p. 4 i 7 STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS p. 8 I 31 Babystay adjusters p. 9 Backstay adjusters, accessories for babystay adjusters, thimbles, foldable mast step, sail chafe protectors p. 10 Lifeline hooks p. 11 Toe rail pad eyes and watertight U-bolts p. 14 Eye nuts, eye straps and eye bolts p. 15 SNAP HOOKS p. 16 I 23 Trigger snap shackles p. 18 Quick release snap shackles & opening pre feeder p. 19 Carbine hooks, one hand sail snaps p. 21 Mooring hooks, chain grips, rings and adjusters p. 22 I 23 Standard self-locking shackles...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 4

It all started in 1919 -or maybe a bit earlier! Before becoming a foundry and taking on the name Wichard, the historic factory was initially called the Croix de Fer (or Iron Cross) factory and was actually a paper mill. The mill owed its name to a forged Iron Cross that was known as 'the paper mill's cross’. In 1887, the owner at the time sold his establishment to Messrs Bizet and Pradel, who converted it into a cutlery factory. In 1919, Antoine Bizet formed a partnership with a certain Henri Wichard, setting up a company that would "specialise in the production of everything for the...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 5

Double safety snap hooks given 1st prize at the Dame AwardSafety tethers 1984: Nouvel Economiste Europe 1: Award for design: Quick release snap shackle The American subsidiary is created: Wichard inc Development of international network Takeover of Maillard (plastic injection), who would produce Wichard blocks Products: turnbuckles, U-bolts, watertight U-bolts, double folding pad eyes, Wichard blocks, safety tethers Proline: new range of safety tethers Products: One hand sail snaps, eye bolts, saddles, lifeline hooks, folding pad eyes Wichard blocks are added to the catalogue Wichard is...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 6

The forge our trade yesterday, our trade tomorrow Produced in France since 1919, the trade of the blacksmith has undergone significant changes, but it remains a trade for men and enthusiasts. At Wichard, we manage the entire process, from the production of equipment and stamping right through to packaging. Our expertise is passed on throughout the company and we are proud to have kept all of our manufacturing in France. Our manufacturing process: -always manual, always meticulous There are a significant number of steps involved in the development of each forged Wichard product. For our...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 7

Test/traction bench for mechanical resistance Wichard quality is what matters most Dimensional checks Our shared goal is to offer our clients products that provide the very best when it comes to safety and quality. In order to ensure this, we deploy a quality control procedure for each batch of manufactured components: Drop tests for our safety tethers During the 2000s, following a decision taken by upper management and private shareholders, Wichard became a group incorporating a number of different trades, with more than 250 employees in France in 2019. Through these various acquisitions,...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 8

Stainless steel products •■no/ir, Wichard offers a complete range of stainless steel products including: — Babystay adjusters, backstay adjusters. — Wire accessories: lifeline hooks. — Fastenings: folding pad eyes, watertight U-bolts. — Eye straps, eye nuts and eye bolts. — Snap hooks 1 " 1 Wichinox FORMULA (see page 61) ^chill'd r*

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Babystay adjusters For fitting a jib, setting up a genoa or a solent jib... Both for safety and performance reasons, fitting a removable inner forestay is strongly recommended when there is a roller furling system. Wichard offers a whole range of babystay adjusters. The table below will allow you to determine the best suitable product for your boat. + BENEFITS — Large range of babystay adjusters Available with wheel, handle or ratchet Ergonomic and comfortable to use Easy to install and dismantle — Forged body and snap hook — Resistant to high loads — Perfect for setting a flying...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 10

Accessories for babystay attachment Wichard offers a comprehensive range of fixing points for babystay attachment. Double pad eye allows a single attachment point for both the babystay pelican adjuster and the jib tack point, fits all sizes of adjusters. + BENEFITS — Available with wheel, handle or ratchet — Ergonomic and comfortable to use — Optimizes rigging performance — Compact size — Forged body — Resistant to high loads Foldable mast step + BENEFITS — Quick and easy to install without need to modify the base — Locks in place for maximum security — The notched surface and end piece...

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 11

+ TECHNIQUE — Automatic locking lifeline hook — Only takes one hand to operate — Forged Duplex stainless steel body - composite injection trigger (PBT) - 316L spring and piston — Extremely strong, UV resistant and corrosion free — Compact and lightweight — For M6 and M8 lifelines + BENEFITS — Registered design — Forged in 316L stainless steel — For closing lifelines gate — Off-centre shape allows the wires to be tensioned easily WL: working load - BL: breaking load

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catalogue-wichard-2019 - 12

Fastenings The Wichard range intended for safety fixing of deck and rigging components, provides an elegant and effective solution. This range has applications that extend beyond the maritime sector, and they are also used in the industrial field, as well as for architectural purposes and interior decorating. Wichard offers a wide range of padeyes: — Folding padeyes in stainless steel or titanium. — Toe rail padeyes. — U-bolts. — Watertight U-bolts.

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