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News OFFSHORE and AQUATERRA: the new range of Wichard knives Offshore range: stays sharp in all conditions. Offshore models offer corrosion resistance, high cutting quality, dedicated sailing features like shackle key and spike. Aquaterra range: your sport knife for all conditions. Aquaterra models offer high cutting quality, plain blade, serrated blade or blade with corkscrew. Aquaterra is THE must-have knife for outdoor and water sports. More details on pages 54-57 ProLine range: The Proline tethers offer increased safety, outstanding ergonomics and lightweight. The Proline tethers are...

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sailing world The company has evolved over the years from its origins as a forge in 1919 to the group it is today: establishment of two subsidiaries and a distribution network, as well as the acquisition of Profurl (specialised in sail furlers). The global leader in marine fittings and top ranking player for industrial customers, the group has remained true to its original specialty and ethic. Highlights Company founded by Henri Wichard Subcontractor for drop forging Second factory and installation of an automatic forging line Development of range of stainless steel and titanium fittings...

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5 good reasons to choose  Guaranteed reliability  Superior mechanical resistance  Proven resistance to corrosion  Certified production process  Wide range of products ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION Wichard is an ISO 14001 certified company. In this context Wichard, represented by its director, promises to: - Respect all applicable environmental requirements - Take active measures to prevent pollution. - Design products that preserve environment and are recyclable. > Reducing the manufacturing of sub-standard items, especially waste. > Producing no more than required. - Minimize the...

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Our expertise: between tradition and By making manoeuvres simpler, “easy sailing” contributes to the growth of amateur sailing and sailing becomes a perfectly safe leisure activity. Since its founding, Wichard has designed, developed and manufactured products with two key objectives: to guarantee the sailor’s safety and comfort. Forged products a guarantee of safety Why choose a forged product? Safety provides comfort and performance: forging enables tough parts to be designed by deforming heated metal. Wichard forges its parts by drop forging, using a forge hammer: an operation which...

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In the race for innovation For nearly 40 years Wichard has been following the development of techniques and regularly designing new products. When the company was taken over in 2002, the management team made innovation one of the key focus areas of its development. In Pornichet, an engineering department 100% devoted to marine applications designs new products in collaboration with the marketing, sales and after sales service departments. This method has been proven time and again to design efficient parts by taking every aspect of the final product into account: ► identifying and analysing...

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Stainless steel products I WICHARD OFFERS A COMPLETE RANGE OF STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS INCLUDING: ► Babystay adjusters, backstay adjusters. ► Wire accessories: lifeline hooks. ► Fastenings: folding pad eyes, watertight U-bolts. ► Eye straps, eye nuts and eye bolts. ► Snap hooks and swivels. ► Shackles.

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Benefits ► Large range of babystay adjusters ► Available with wheel, handle or ratchet ► Ergonomic and comfortable to use ► Easy to install and dismantle ► Forged body and snap hook ► Resistant to high loads ► Perfect for setting a flying sail (solent jib or storm jib) ► Optimizes yacht performance ► Long travel model available Babystay For fitting a jib, setting up a genoa or a solent jib... Both for safety and performance reasons, fitting a removable inner forestay is strongly recommended when there is a roller furling system. Wichard offers a whole range of babystay adjusters. The table...

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Wichard offers a comprehensive range of fixing points for babystay attachment. Double pad eye allows a single attachment point for both the babystay pelican adjuster and the jib tack point, fits all sizes of adjusters. Benefits ► Available with wheel, handle or ratchet ► Ergonomic and comfortable to use ► Optimizes rigging performance ► Compact size ► Forged body ► Resistant to high loads WL: working load - BL: breaking load

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Benefits ► Registered design ► Forged in 316L stainless steel ► For closing lifelines gate ► Off-centre shape allows the wires to be tensioned easily Sail chafe Swage studs (for part # 2831 et 2833 7,5 9 11 WL: working load - BL: breaking load

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Fastenings The Wichard range intended for safety fixing of deck and rigging components, provides an elegant and effective solution. The range has applications that extend beyond the maritime sector, and they are also used in the industrial sector, as well as for architectural purposes and interior decorating. I WICHARD OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF PADEYES: ► Folding padeyes in stainless steel or titanium. ► Toe rail padeyes. ► U-bolts. ► Watertight U-bolts.

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^ Wichard folding pad eyes are compliant with ISO 15085 and are . highly recommended for lifeline and tether fastening points. Folding Wichard padeyes: Choose the original! Only Wichard padeyes are completely forged. They are 100% safe, highly resistant to corrosion and their design is suitable for all types of boats. ► Made in France ► Hot forged ► Available in single and double models ► Available in 316L s/s or Titanium ► Outstanding working loads in all positions ► Compact, can be folded ► Silicon pad to reduce noise and vibrations ► Aesthetic ► Multi-use: fastening, shrouds, blocks,...

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Using these sliding padeyes, the toe rail can be used without any risk of damage, for a wide range of applications, such as attaching running rigging, barber hauler, boom brake, kicking strap, or mooring/fender line guide when docked. Toe rail pad eyes «patented» W.L. Kg benefits ► Registered design - Made in France ► Outstanding working loads ► UV-resistant rubber collar ► Complete watertightness guaranteed ► Available in black and white ► Eliminates need to install watertight seal ► Aesthetically pleasing solution ► Delivered with nuts and counterplate WL: working load - BL: breaking load

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