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Wibit #MySpla So Awesome, playing on the #Wibit WIBIT CONTACT Wibit Sports GmbH Am Gut Baarking 15 46395 Bocholt Germany P +49 (0) 2871 23820-0 F +49 (0) 2871 23820-10 www.wibitsports.com *All rights reserved © Wibit Sports GmbH 2015 The content of this document, particularly text, photographs and drawings, is protected by copyright. Wibit Sports GmbH owns exclusive exploitation rights, unless labeled otherwise. A reproduction, even in extracts, is strictly forbidden. OPEN WATER

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FUN IS WAITING CONTENT • Standard Combinations WHICH SPORTS PARK IS RIGHT FOR ME? To help you find the perfect Wibit combination, we have predefined parameters that will make your choice the right one. Just find a location, we will then take care of the rest. Dimensions How much space do you have? • Individual Solutions • Turnkey Solution Water depth How deep is your water? Capacity How many people are you planning to entertain? JOY Wibit‘s inflatable modular and standalone products are a people magnet for any beach. Let Wibit help you decide The Wibit has become a synonym for fun on the...

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Standard Combinations STANDARD COMBINATIONS The INFINITY configuration of Wibit‘s open water combinations allows endless routes of fun. This shape makes assembly and expansion of the modular products even easier than before and matches any specific location parameters. With a deep knowledge of this business we have identified the proven winners and combined them in certain standard combinations to meet your individual needs. #Wibit - Best playground eaquatic ver!!!

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Standard Combinations Easy climb up with the Ramp FlatTopTM JOY SPORTS PARK 145 DIMENSIONS This mega combination is a whole island of fun where more than 145 people 2,5m / 8‘-2“ can play at the same time. Unique product attractions and infinite paths keep your excited visitors on the move. ib This deFIn#Wl it ite y happe

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Standard Combinations IN THERE HANG HE CENTER N! T ATTRACTIO OF SPORTS PARK 95 DIMENSIONS TRUCTION N-SITE INS O Endless route options in this combination never leave anyone waiting in line and let your visitors forget about time completely. The Start Gate marks the entrance to the fun and allows easy entry control for operators. A ”CLOSED“ sign is included with each Start

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Standard Combinations SPORTS PARK 65 DIMENSIONS Many different paths can be taken on this obstacle course that is equipped with the innovative 2,5m / 8‘-2“ Monkey Bars where visitors can swing and dangle. The Lifeguard Tower allows an ideal field of vision over the whole Sports Park and quick reactions times in case of an emergency.

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SPORTS PARK 35 DIMENSIONS Standard Combinations With the current most popular products and the innovative High Roller, the Sports Park 35 is 2,5m / 8‘-2“ #W Best time oibit f my life! a good entry point into the Wibit business. Climbing, jumping and sliding guarantee the fun on this combination that suits even a small budget or limited dimensions while generating revenue

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Standard Combinations OPLE ALL PE TURE SM DVEN BIG A NEW! ROUNDABOUT WATER DEPTH KIDSZONE DIMENSIONS Specially designed for the youngest fun-seekers, the new KidsZone can be positioned in 1,5m /4‘-11“ Never ending u with #Wibsitmmer low water depth and allows parents to walk their child along the obstacle course. The all new Roundabout is both circular speedway and central meeting point of this combination. Easy climb up with the Ramp

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Standard Combinations The DockingStation can be used individually or connected to any Wibit Sports Park. STRUCTION ON-SITE IN DOCKINGSTATION DIMENSIONS An immediate, hands-on learning experience in the water eases and speeds up the SUP-rental process for instructor 1,2m /3‘-11“ and participants while preserving the SUP material. Docking in the water, your SUPs are prevented from damage caused by too much dragging over the ground which will increase their life span. The floating Dock on the water brings additional options and challenge to SUP exercise lessons or Yoga classes

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WIBITTAG Use the WibitTAG system to give your location an iconic identity and create a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity. You‘ve got something to say? Say it on the waterTM With WibitTAG, you are not only buying a Sports Park, you are creating your own sign on the water which is a brand new way of marketing.

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With WibitTAG we can build any letter, number, shape or symbol. Patented V- and W-Connectors have been designed to keep the Letters have never been so much fun. This unique concept is the world‘s first letters in position and allow for adequate anchoring. The Sidewalk floating sign people can actually play on. provides the neccessary stability for each word and enables you to enter each letter.

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Individual Solutions ILORED STOM-TA CU IN THERE HANG E CENTER ION! TH F ATTRACT O The interlocking modularity of the Wibit system offers endless possibilities. Depending on your location parameters, budget and favorites, we will create the perfect combination for you. INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS since 1996 >60 countries >7.500.000 users On their own or as a complement to your Wibit Sports Park, Product each standalone product is designed to increase the activity at your location even more. The IceTower XXL and Spinner are only available for purchase and delivery outside of the United States....

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Turnkey Solution TURNKEY SOLUTION With Wibit, you’re not just buying products, you’re buying a business and we are here to help you every step of the way to make it successful. We have many years of experience in this business and want to share our best practice examples with you. Bring on your questions – we have the answers!

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Turnkey Solution PEOPLE SMALL NTURE IG ADVE B Once the Sports Park is in the water, your success depends on operation skills. We help you to x145 Appearance make a professional appearance and offer utilities and templates to ease your processes. #Wib we‘re ready it to play

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