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#Wibit - rela WIBIT CONTACT Wibit Sports GmbH Am Gut Baarking 15 46395 Bocholt Germany P +49 (0) 2871 23820-0 F +49 (0) 2871 23820-10 www.wibitsports.com *All rights reserved © Wibit Sports GmbH 2015 The content of this document, particularly text, photographs and drawings, is protected by copyright. Wibit Sports GmbH owns exclusive exploitation rights, unless labeled otherwise. A reproduction, even in extracts, is strictly forbidden. COMMERCIAL POOL

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FUN IS WAITING CONTENT • Standard Combinations WHICH POOL COMBINATION IS RIGHT FOR ME? To help you find the perfect Wibit combination, we have predefined parameters that will make your choice the right one. Think of your pool and determine the details for yourself, we will then take care of the rest. Dimensions How big is your pool? • Individual Solutions M-TAILORED SERV CUSTO Water depth How deep is the water? Capacity How many people are you planning to entertain? Budget How much money are you planning to spend? Wibit‘s inflatable modular and standalone products are a people magnet for...

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NTER TRACTION! Standard Combinations STANDARD COMBINATIONS STRUCTION ON-SITE IN Revitalize and increase visitor numbers with Wibit‘s interlocking combinations and transform your swimming pool into a water adventure for all ages. D SERVICE OM-TAILORE CUST With our extensive knowledge of the business, we have designed a variety of unique combinations to fit various sized pools. Whether you want Wibit to cover only a few lanes or you intend to utilize your complete pool area for the ultimate playground – we have the perfect setup for you!

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Standard Combinations This is the first INFINITY-combination for pools and the ultimate aquatic playground. The course has various different obstacles like the Monkey Bars, High Roller or Dome that allow for diversified ways of fun. st my buddy it - Race again #Wib The new Roundabout is the centerpiece of the AquaLoop. This circular speedway allows for the INFINITY-configuration and endless routes for

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The ProTrack is a must have for large pools! The different skills that are required to master this course are proven to bring the most fun. Make your customers happy! PROTRACK S WAITING D IMENSIONS Standard Combinations

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Standard Combinations A Wibit all-time classic - this is the ultimate track for standard pools. Running, climbing, jumping and sliding require different skills that make this a diversified obstacle course for everyone.

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Standard Combinations IN THERE HANG E CENTER TH RACTION! OF ATT Designed to fit a small budget and size, the AquaDuel will add excitement and competition to your pool.

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The FastTrack contains the popular Wiggle Bridge and Hurdle. These flat products are suitable for low water depth and represent the perfect race course for individual races or group contests. Extend the number of Wiggle Discs to make the FastTrack fit the length of your pool. Standard Combinations INSTRUCT ON-SITE WATER DEPTH

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Standard Combinations Activities Pool Walking on the water? Yes, that is possible - but it requires quick feet and good balance skills! The Wiggle Discs of the Wiggle Bridge NM* come in packs of three to extend the challenge. WATER DEPTH DIMENSIONS: WIGGLE BRIDGE NM* 3 We create animation ideas and share them with you. Whether you‘re entertaining individuals, groups or hosting special events, we‘ve got the

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Individual Solutions We will put together a combination that perfectly fits your specific pool dimensions and budget. CUSTOM-TAIL ORED SERVIC INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS JOIN THE COM AND SHARE MUNITY THE FUN! WAITING FUN IS Custom colours and logos can be applied and help you to finance your new pool attraction by finding a sponsor.

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HANG IN THERE Ensure a 3m / 10‘ safety distance to the pool edge! EUROPEAN NORM Regardless of your pool size, Wibit makes installation easy. Safety is our top priority. Wibit uses the best materials and state-of-the-art Due to the modularity of Wibit products, inflation, connection E -TAILORED SERVIC CUSTOM techniques that comply with the strictest safety regulations. and anchoring are simple and easy.

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Standard Combinations Setup time** Each product is equipped with the necessary setup parts. In addition, every standard combi­nation and all individual setups exceeding a specific value include several extras for free: OPEN WATER NEW! Commercial Pool AquaTrack 31027 • Bungee Set (3m / 10‘) • Hand Pump • Electric Pump • Manometer • Connector Strap (75cm / 30“) • Strap (4m / 13‘) • Velcro adapter (loops) **Estimated (depends on manpower and location) Wibit for Open Water • Sales according to our terms of trading. • Specifications subject to change without notice. • All products

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